Views from the Boroka Lookout

Looking up, it is an azure sky on a bright day with some white clouds. Down below lay a sapphire blue lake and on the horizon, a vast expanse of rugged mountain ranges, rocky cliffs, highlighted by the changing dusty hues.

Pan out to your right, you see the hanging rock formation perching on a cliff. A vantage spot to stand on to have a thrilling view of the town below. As you look further, a lake hosts the serene waters surrounded by foggy hills.

Dramatic landscape

Like giant ocean waves, the rocky hills and mountain ranges created the breathtaking views of a seemingly bleak but dramatic landscape.

No, it is not a scenery out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. It is but a description of the views from the Boroka Lookout in the Grampians.

Getting to the lookout

The usual image popping out when thinking about the Grampians suggests a difficult road to reach the mountaintop. Getting to the Boroka Lookout, however, proves easier than imagined.

From the scenic Halls Gap, the heart of the Grampians, take a 15-kilometre drive to Mount Difficult Road. Follow the sealed road until you reach the desired destination.

Head straight to the carpark near the lookout. Take a 5-minute walk, a 90-metre distance, to get to one of the Grampians’ astounding lookouts.

Views from Boroka

Enjoy the views of the amazing Grampians panorama, a perfect picture with 360-degree views of Western Victoria.

From the Boroka Lookout, see below the town of Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield, and Fyans Valley. Pan around to view the ranges of Mount William and Wonderland.

On your right, a rock stands tall upon a flat rock forming a hanging cliff. Below glows a lush vegetation leading down into the valley, and to the nearby town. Look a little further, you see the lake serenely sleeping surrounded by rolling hills thinly covered with fog.

Toward the east lay the valleys of the Grampians. Farther to the right, you can see the wavy and rugged mountain ranges. To the left, stretches a plain horizon highlighted by the changing colours of dusty brown to orangey sunlight.

Safety handrails

Handrails keep the visitors safe. All you do is enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the panoramic Grampians’ landscape. The natural invites us to reflect about our place in nature; it is a spiritual-like experience.

Booking a tour

Looking at the photograph of the place or reading the description does not give justice to Boroka Lookout. There is no substitute for experience.

Book a tour with Wildlife Tours Australia. We facilitate travels to the Grampians. And one of the tour’s stops is the Boroka Lookout. Check out our 1 Day Grampian National Park Tour. It would be a good start to your journey.

Should you wish a longer stay in the, we designed a tour for you. You may consider a 3 Day Great Ocean Road and the Grampians Tour. The tour allows you to stay two full days in the Grampians. Plus, a whole day exploring the scenic spots on the Great Ocean Road including the Otways, 12 Apostles, and the quaint coastal towns.

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