Victoria’s Food and Wine

Vibrant, exquisite, and creative. That is a perfect description of Victoria’s food and wine landscape, showcasing a cuisine that reflects the taste and culture of contemporary Australia.

Victoria has three major food and wine destinations: the city of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley wine region, and the Mornington Peninsula.


Melbourne hosts an annual food and wine festival at the Fed Square. So, if you happened to be in the city between March and April, might as well catch the event. You will be feasting on great food and free samples of wine.

Check out the degustation menu and new food creations by Melbourne’s top chefs. Swill a glass of fine wine or a pint of beer from Victoria’s finest wineries and breweries. They converge in the city during the festival.

If your visit happened on other months or seasons, stroll down the laneways dotted with pubs, cafes, and restaurants where you can enjoy the city’s scrumptious food. Pair a platter of your delicious dish with a selection of excellent wines. You can also indulge your senses with their desserts and pastries.

If you want a lively conversation, you might also want to chat with some local folks in a pub over steaks and beer or wine. Do not worry, Melburnians are friendly people.

Yarra Valley

From Melbourne, take an hour drive toward the east, to Yarra Valley, Victoria’s premier wine region. Enjoy the quaint views of the Yarra mountain ranges, rolling hills, and farms and vineyards.

Yarra Valley is a smorgasbord of different varieties of food, wines, and sweets. Restaurants and wineries host regular food and wine festivals. They showcase their products and specialities highlighting their new creations.

You can tour the picturesque region for the views. Then visit its cellar doors and restaurants for their best wines and gourmet food. Food and wine tasting are a regular tourist activity.

The region produced world-class classic wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Chardonnay. They also have different wine varieties from Merlot to Nebbiolo, from Pinot Noir to sparkling wines.

Also, you cannot miss the handcrafted chocolates and other sweet goodies.

Mornington Peninsula

Drive southeast of Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula. Ocean views, mazes and gardens, and beaches with colourful boxes enliven your eyes. Of course, without food and wine, your visit would not be complete.

Mornington Peninsula is Victoria’s major wine-producing region next to Yarra Valley. Known for its production of Pinot Noir, Mornington is a top wine tours destination.

The region is also a gourmet food hub. While touring the peninsula, bring with you a food basket to fill in with fresh farm produce. Buy from the farm gates freshly picked cherries, berries, and apples. Stock in your basket with cheeses, dairies, fruits, vegetables, and other gourmet products.

Then you might also visit their restaurants and cafes for the best gourmet food on the menu. Partner your delectable food platter with a selection of the region’s fine wines.

Pinot Noir should be on top of the list when it comes to wine. Then Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Tempranillo. You can also take bubbly delights in the region’s beers and ciders.

Visiting Victoria may entail giving in to the temptations it offers. Sensational wines and delightful food greet your palate at every restaurant or winery.

Food and wine tastings are a must-try; they are an integral part of the region’s tourism culture.

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