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Exmouth in Western Australia is one of the best whale shark tour locations in the world. If you are looking for whale shark tours in Exmouth then look no further. We have the best deals on the best tours in Exmouth.

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Whale Shark Tour Itinerary

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime snorkelling with these gentle WhaleShark giants in the nutrient-rich waters of Australia’s iconic Ningaloo Reef. Our highly experienced, professional and fun crew will ensure your interactions are relaxing – safe! You’ll experience them up close and personal while we capture all those unforgettable memories for you to cherish forever; it doesn’t get much better than that!!

With our well-equipped vessels, you’ll be able to go for an unforgettable day with the World’s Leading Whaleshark Swim Team. We provide quality service and handy tips that will maximize your time spent in Ningaloo reef! Morning tea is served nonstop throughout the journey. For all of our Whale Shark adventures – included is a spotter plane overflying us at altitudes of three miles high. We employ only professional pilots who have been trained especially to ensure safety while maximizing viewing opportunities aboard our boat.

You will receive a Pre-Whale shark Snorkel lesson. A proportion of your ticket price goes towards Whale Shark Research and you get the ‘Sighting Guarantee’ (in case no whales are sighted on this adventure) which means we will offer one free repeat tour up until 3 years from now! There are also no gimmicks—just great snorkelling opportunities set apart with boats designed specifically to accommodate large groups. – meaning more chances at seeing those beautiful Whale Sharks in their natural habitat.

Swimming With Whale Sharks from Exmouth

Whale sharks are encountered at Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth in an area known as the Coral Gardens between April and July every year. The whale shark is listed by Australia’s Department of Environment and Heritage as a vulnerable species. Joining our whale shark tours in Exmouth contributes to helping protect whale sharks for future generations to come. We ensure that all our operations are sustainable, whale friendly tours Exmouth which is why you should choose us.

About our Whale Shark Swimming Tour Company

We’ve been hosting this extraordinary shark encounter since 2003 and have perfected it into an unforgettable adventure for all levels of ability! In order to provide the best possible experience possible for both guests and sharks alike, we’re committed to maintaining a low impact sustainable operation that includes minimising disturbance to the location ensuring no interaction. We also leave Ningaloo Reef as we find it – pristine. Our approach allows us to be endorsed by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) as well as The Australian Whale Shark Association. For those who enjoy a natural aquatic experience, our unforgettable tour gives you the unique privilege of swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat.

Facts About Whale Sharks

  • The whale shark is one of the largest, heaviest and longest existing fish in the world. It’s very large mouth opening (1-2 meters) contains 50-100 rows of small “teeth”. The teeth are used to filter feed plankton from the water.
  • In fact, this species is so big that it’s considered harmless to humans because its feeding habits are mainly oriented towards plankton.
  • They can grow about 12 meters in length and weigh over 20 tonnes! They reach a maturity age of 35 years, but it is possible that they can live 100 years or more.


Frequently Asked Questions About Whale Shark Tours

Is it safe to swim with Whale Sharks?

I mean, whale sharks are whale sharks, right? Would you swim with a shark? They’re huge! But after doing some more research on this topic I realised that whale sharks are actually not at all dangerous to humans. Making this one of the safest snorkelling sealife encounters in the world. I was very intrigued by this. If you’re thinking about going on a whale shark trip then chances are you’ve probably already researching it? To find out why swimming with whale sharks is something that is most definitely very worth your while and money and time and effort and energy.

It’s my first time swimming with whales, is this ok?

It was my first time whale shark swimming too, my very first time doing this incredible experience so I did the obvious thing; I researched. One of the biggest things we kept stumbling across when searching for any kind of information about whale shark tours in Exmouth there were so many people who had also never done this before.

Is Exmouth the best place to see Whale Sharks?

The best place to swim with whale sharks is definitely Exmouth in Western Australia where there are designated viewing sites for people swimming with whale sharks only. The reason why Exmouth is such an amazing place for snorkelling these massive creatures is that there are boat restrictions at whale shark watching spots

Are Whale Shark Tours COVID-19 safe?

Health and safety is our top priority, not only for our travellers, but for our crew, staff and suppliers, so that we can all travel with confidence. Our team has been working tirelessly to implement enhanced procedures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic so that you can travel in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. In line with both Government and Industry standards, GLT will implement COVID-19 protocols to promote the risk reduction approach and ensure that your health and wellbeing is at the forefront of your experience with GLT.

Our Safe Travel Statement sets out the necessary steps we have implemented to enhance procedures and adhere to Safe business practices. These safety guidelines are in alignment with recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Australian Government, Health and Safety Authorities, Tourism and Transport Industry Advisory Bodies and approved by the World Travel & Tourism Council’ s (WTTC) Safe Travel protocols for tour operators.


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