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If you're travelling to Darwin on a stopover or for business and do not have time to head out to Kakadu National Park we highly recommend you visit a Wildlife Park in Darwin. There are 3 main Wildlife Parks where you can see 5 metre crocodiles as well as all other wildlife native to the region. Read on to find out how to get there, how much each experience costs, and you can purchase your entry tickets here.


Visiting An NT Wildlife Park in Darwin

The Northern Territory is renowned for its abundance of diverse species of birds, mammals, reptiles and marine life. If you’re travelling through the Top End you’ll definitely want to experience some of the rare and unique wildlife found in this part of the world by visiting a Darwin zoo or Wildlife Park.

If you don’t have time to experience a full Aussie outback adventure on one of our Kakadu or Litchfield National Park day tours, there are 3 main Wildlife Parks we highly recommend visiting whilst you’re in town where you can get to see some huge 5 metre crocodiles as well as other fascinating wildlife native to the region.

If it’s your first time visiting a Wildlife Park Darwin has several excellent options to choose from. Read on to find out about our top picks, how to get there, how much each experience costs and how to purchase your entry tickets.

Featured Wildlife Park: Crocosourus Cove

You can’t visit the Top End without paying a visit to the ultimate urban Wildlife Park Darwin experience, Crocosaurus Cove. Conveniently located in the heart of Darwin’s CBD, Crocosaurus Cove hosts some of the largest saltwater crocodiles in Australia and the World’s largest display of Australian reptiles and aquatic creatures, with over 70 different species here on display.

You’ll get to learn all about the iconic saltwater crocodile and experience one of 9 daily reptile shows, including the ‘Big Croc Feed’ and ‘Meet the Reptiles’.

Make sure to bring your bathers because it’s also home to the ‘Cage of Death’, Australia’s ONLY crocodile dive where you literally come face to face with the world’s most deadly apex predators as you’re lowered into the water for 15 minutes with a 5 metre long saltwater crocodile.

This unique, once in a lifetime experience allows swimmers to meet the intimidating gaze and experience the full power and strength of this modern day dinosaur in a safe and controlled environment. The crocs are regularly fed throughout the experience by trained handlers, giving participants the chance to witness the fierce instincts and ferocious bite of these magnificent prehistoric beasts up close.

You’ll also have the opportunity to feed a crocodile or even hold one of the baby saltwater crocodiles as part of their 1.5 hour fully guided VIP tour of the Reptile House. The experienced reptile handlers at the Wildlife Park are super passionate and have a wealth of information and knowledge to share about the unique and fascinating reptiles housed here and are always ready to answer any questions. It’s also definitely worth checking out the Barramundi, Archer Fish & Whiprays in their 200,000 litre freshwater aquarium or visiting the turtles at their Top End Turtle Billabong too.

Wildlife Park Darwin Prices start at $36.00 for an adult, $28.00 senior and $23.00 entry for children however upgraded packages are available for those wanting to join the VIP tour or for those adventurous enough to try the cage of death


  • Crocodylus Park

    Located only 15 minutes outside Darwin city, Crocodylus park is easily accessible from the CBD and hosts over a thousand crocodiles ranging from tiny hatchlings to massive fully grown adults.

    Perhaps the most eclectic nt wildlife park Darwin has to offer, Crocodylus Park and Zoo not only brings you face to face with some of the largest reptiles on the planet, including the saltwater crocodile, but is the only zoo in the Northern Territory which showcases a range of native and exotic animals including lions, meerkats, birds, spider monkeys, cassowaries and other reptiles including Constrictors, Pythons, Snakes and Blue Tongue Lizards.

    Opened in 1994 by world-renowned zoologist, Professor Grahame Webb, Crocodylus Wildlife Park Darwin started as a crocodile research and education centre and is built on over 30 years of experience in Crocodile conservation.

    Within the Darwin nature park there is a guided jumping croc boat cruise where you can see over 40 crocodiles, including a few 5 metre males weighing over 500 kilograms roaming their man-made river system. You can take part in the daily feeding tours and witness the impressive feeding abilities of these magnificent beasts as they leap out of the water to feed or even hold one of the small baby crocodiles.

    There’s also an air-conditioned museum where you can retreat from the heat and learn some fascinating information and facts about the biology and behaviour of these ancient creatures that will blow your mind.

    Single day pass for adults is $40, entry for children between 3-15 years old is $20 and kids under the age of 3 enter free.

  • Territory Wildlife Park

    Located 45 minutes south of Darwin city adjacent to the Berry Springs Nature Park on 625 hectares of native bushland, the Territory Wildlife Park is a popular destination in the Top End amongst both travellers and locals alike, a favourite amongst families and a traditionally significant area for the local aboriginal people.

    A leader in education, tourism and research, the mission of Territory Wildlife Park, Darwin Australia, is to facilitate and advocate conservation programs in Northern Australia and inspire change by developing environmental awareness and connecting visitors to nature through authentic encounters and exciting experiences.

    Spread out over a 4km loop with a combination of zoo-type enclosures and open bushland, the park has free shuttle trains and walking trails with raised platforms and boardwalks that allow visitors to experience an authentic, up-close encounter.

    Here you can experience native wildlife and other unique exotic animals in a diversity of natural habitats from treetop aviaries, natural lagoons and billabongs, monsoon vine forests, woodlands, wetlands, Sandbars as well as a walk through aquarium and nocturnal house.

    The NT Wildlife Park Darwin hosts daily wildlife presentations including;

    • A free-flight bird show from the Flight Deck with birds of prey such as wedge-tailed eagles, jabirus, black-breasted buzzards and more.
    • The Woodland Wallaby Walk where you can get up close and personal and learn about wallabies and wallaroos from the Top End and participate in a daily feeding presentation.
    • 12 walk through aviaries and viewing areas showcasing the Top End’s most fascinating birdlife, turtles, snakes and monitor lizards.
    • The walk-through Aquarium takes you on a journey to meet some of the Top End’s most incredible aquatic life face to face including turtles, fish, sawfish, freshwater crocodiles and even a 4m saltwater crocodile. The aqua-scaped exhibit also captures the unique tropical northern habitats from small rock pools, rivers, billabongs and swamps, to the saltwater estuaries and coastal reefs.
    • The Nocturnal House displays many animals that have never actually been seen in parks or zoos before such as cryptic geckos, rare rock wallabies, tiny blossom bats and sugar gliders. The hot tropical climate in the Top End prevents many native animals from being fully appreciated. The Nocturnal House facility allows visitors to witness animals that usually only come out at night emerge in their element.

    Wildlife Park Darwin prices start from $37 for an adult and children between the ages of 5- 16 years old enter for a fee of $18.50


  • What you need to bring?

    • 1L Refillable water bottle
    • Hat, sunglasses & sunscreen
    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Insect repellent
    • Money for food, beverages and crocodile souvenirs
    • Camera to capture the moment


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