Things to do and see in The Grampians!

When looking for things to do in The Grampians, most tour companies are very comparable. I found a tour company called Wildlife Tours Australia, who believe it or not go out of their way to find wildlife!

I have just come back to Melbourne after a 2 Day, 1 Night Great Ocean Road & Grampians tour. I took part in this tour because I was itching to see the Great Ocean Road, and wanted to do something a little different. I was a little perturbed because I had never heard anything about The Grampians, and didn’t know what to expect.

On Day 1, we tackled the Great Ocean Road, the highlight was definitely the 12 Apostles, and Loch Ard Gorge. We travelled through that night towards Halls Gap and The Grampians, arriving at about 9pm. As we drove into the mountains we saw an amazing sunset, and a few kangaroos hopped into our path as we drove along. Luckily we didn’t hit any with the bus! That would have been terrible!

On arriving into Halls Gap, we checked into our hostel, and a few of us sat up for a couple of glasses of wine and a chat. We were a diverse group, all different ages and races, and it really made the whole trip so much more exciting. By this stage of our tour, we had all been together for about 16 hours, and were really starting to get along well.

After a really good night’s sleep, the fun really began. Before starting on this journey I had never read or even heard about The Grampians. They really truly blew me away. After seeing the sunset over the mountains the night before (our first taste of how beautiful it all was), Day 2 showed us all how beautiful the world still is. The Grampians are simply stunning, the rugged scenery, the animals teeming about,Kangaroos, Wallabies, Echidnas, Emus, and we even saw a Brown Snake. It was simply awesome!

We started our day in The Grampians, with a hike up The Pinnacle. The hike was definitely a challenge, and thankfully I decided not to count all those steps! It was worth it though, because the view from the top of The Pinnacle was simply breathtaking. Along the way we climbed through Silent Street, which lived up to its name. With the occasional waterfall (Bridal Veil Falls had no water, but we had fun splashing about in the puddle at it’s base!), and scenery to die for along the way, the 2 and a half hour hike was fantastic.

Then onto Brambuk The Aboriginal Cultural Centre, where we were to learn all about the culture of the 2 local tribes. We could even learn to throw a boomerang or try our hand at some aboriginal painting. While we were there we wandered a little away from the building, to find to our delight a huge mob of kangaroos. The best bit was they didn’t hop away, and we were able to get quite close and get some amazing photos.

Once we left Brambuk, we drove up a long windy road to the top of the world! Well it felt like that anyway. Not like being in Switzerland, but pretty high for Oz! First stop was Reed’s Lookout and The Balconies, a short easy walk, with another breathtaking view at the end.

Back to the bus, and onto MacKenzie Falls. Considering it was February and very hot, the falls had loads of water! According to our driver, McKenzie Falls is meant to be one of the highest and best falls in The Grampians and it didn’t disappoint. A number of steps down to the base, some fun group photos, and a relaxing lunch, and then it was back up! This time I did count, 262 steep steps to the top, and wow!

We then drove across to Horsham, where we said goodbye to some new found friends who were on the way to Adelaide. The rest of us were returning to Melbourne, and on the way a quick stop at a winery! Mmmmmm!

It has to be said the entire tour was one of the highlights of my life! 2 days of fun, new friends and adventures, with lots of amazing memories along the way. The Grampians was definitely the highlight of my 2 day tour, and the Great Ocean Road only a small step behind this! I loved every minute, and can definitely recommend Wildlife Tours Australia to anyone. Fantastic, thank you Wildlife Tours Australia!

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