They Brew Ales in Hunter Valley

It’s not the land of milk and honey but of wine and spirits, and beer, too. This is Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia’s premier wine region, and a beer country.

Savour your Hunter Valley tours experience in a bubbly way with unique twists and turns.

Folks there brew their beers in many unique and authentic ways. They serve you with handcrafted ales brewed to perfection. Follow the beer trail to quench your thirst and find yourself in a lively conversation with a local bloke over a few bottles of ice-cold local brew.

Hunter Valley’s craft beers have been racking up awards, something that gives you another option to explore in this rich and fertile region. They do brew a wide range of beers – pilsner, bock, lager, ginger beer, pale ale, you name it.

Here are some of the local breweries that craft hops out of which the perfect beer emerges in a bottle ready to refresh your palate:

Matilda Bay Brewhouse

Perching within Hunter Valley Resort and used to be known as Bluetongue Brewery, Matilda Bay Brewhouse is the first boutique brewery in Pokolbin. They’ve been brewing a huge range of beer since 2001.

You can choose to finish your winery tour by washing it with a cleansing beer at this stylish and elegant brewery. Enjoy the experience of a unique Beer Tasting Paddle showcasing 12 of their craft beers with the brewhouse at the backdrop separated only by a glass wall.

They brew a range of ales from wheat beer to the traditional lager. The brews available on their paddle include Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Minimum Chips Lager, Alpha Ale, Wild Yak, Dogbolter Black Ale, BeezNeez, Ruby Tuesday, Fat Yak, Redback, Pacific Ale, and Dirty Granny Cider.

They also have some special seasonal brews. So, on your Hunter Valley tours visit to Matilda Bay Brewhouse, be prepared for some malty surprises.

Hunter Beer Co.

Located in Wine Country Drive, Nulkaba, Hunter Beer Co. showcases traditional brewing methods using natural ingredients. It is one of the Hunter Valley’s pioneer microbreweries established in 2003 at Potters Hotel & Brewery, well an original at that.

Visit this proud local brewery with ten beers on tap, strike a conversation with the brewers while drinking a glass or two of their craft, and watch how they brew the best ale in town.

Sample the range of their ales and enjoy the taste and the flavour of each beer. This award-winning microbrewery provides you with a perfect brew that hit at the right spot giving you a unique beer experience.

They have a range of beer from a refreshing Kolsch, a German-style summer beer, to their Slaked Magpie, a dark beer with a hint of coffee and vanilla. Try their Witbier, a Belgian-style summer ale brewed with fruits and spices or their autumn ales, ginger and apple. You may also slurp a glass of their traditional lager, a pale ale, or a bock.

There’s plenty of beers to choose from. Your Hunter Valley tours to the Potters would be guaranteed fun and bubbly.

IronBark Hill Brewhouse

There’s a brewery on IronBark Hill Vineyard in Pokolbin, and it’s called IronBark Hill Brewhouse. They too brew some beers. Well, they have 8 rotating taps of craft beers and ciders.

Enjoy your day with some brew in a beer garden in the middle of a vineyard with the Brokenback Range at the backdrop.

What do they have in store for you? They have growlers and freshly brewed beers to refill the growlers. You can bring your own growler too, and they take care of the beer refill.

They have core beers on tap to choose from. Try their Summer 38, a smooth Aussie ale from rolled wheat, oats, and barley with hops providing tropical flavours. Or Schwarzbier, a Czech-style dark lager with hops balancing the dark chocolate and roasted coffee malt flavours giving its profile some depths.

They also have Pilsner, a traditional pilsner beer with floral hops and grassy undertones crafted using Pokolbin rainwater providing it with a distinct texture that’s soft and easy to drink. And grab a Summer Ale, a dry beer that’s ideal to drink on an Aussie summer, a summer brew that exhibits tropical fruits and passionfruit flavours on a solid malt backbone that hints a light bitterness.

Other beers on tap and seasonal ales are American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Brexit English Ale, Far Canal Lager, Hefeweizen, Black Forest Stout, Hazelnut Brown Ale, Scottish Strong Ale, Anniversary Ale, Apple Cider, and Pear Cider.

The Lovedale

In the heart of the Hunter Valley is the small town of Lovedale, the home of the region’s much-loved brewery and the place where The Lovedale’s brewing heart is.

At The Lovedale, they brew a wide range of beers on tap from the traditional lagers to oatmeal porters, crafting them with love and passion, refusing to compromise the quality of the materials they use and the process of beer making.

Beers are meant to be enjoyed ice-cold and with friends. So, tag your friends along to The Lovedale that brews their beers using a natural secret to the best beer in town – filtered Hunter Valley water. Because beer is not all about craft and hops, it is also about the water used as a blank canvass to create high-quality ales crafted with excellence.

Try the seasonal beers or the traditional lagers of this proud brewery. Their Munich-style lager, Lovedale Lager, exhibits a citrusy aroma and a toasted malt which fairs well with lighter dishes. Or pop a crown or more of their Glamarama Summer Ale that’s crisp, clean, and refreshing on a hot Hunter Valley summer. You can also try their superbly fresh pilsner, Surry Hills Pills, a traditional malt beer with floral fragrant and a fruity spicy bitterness that makes it tastes like what a real beer should.

Visit The Lovedale and fall in love with Paddo Pale, Darlo Dark, Pyrmont Rye IPA, Sydney Cider, Agave Ginger Cider, Potts Point Porter, and Woolloomooloo Wheat.

Hope Brewhouse

Let’s hop from love to hope.

Comfortably nesting in the Hunter Valley’s Pokolbin, the award-winning Hope Brewhouse offers a range of 12 craft brews on the taps – from heavy ales and traditional lagers to porters and ciders. This innovative, eclectic brewery provides you with a beer experience that is distinct and authentic.

Although relatively new to the beer business, they craft their seasonal brews and traditional lagers masterfully, and with passion, racking up numerous awards as the fruits of their labour. They are a hope to the brewing community in this quaint region with their ingenuity, craftiness, and creativity in producing the best ales that make the region proud and your Hunter Valley tours excitingly refreshing and sensational.

On your visit to Hope Brewhouse, grab a can of their Munich Lager or any of their stocked ales. Try their Extra Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Black India Pale Ale, or Double India Pale Ale. Their ales reveal a perfect balance of fruitiness and bitterness on a stable malt backbone.

Also, you can spend time with your mates at the Hope Brewhouse Café and enjoy fresh beers on tap with the best burgers in town.

There’s a lot to explore in this wine region – wine, spirits, beer and all. But for beer drinkers, it’s all about the ales and the best brews.

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