Grampians Waterfalls

Grampians National Park Waterfalls

Aside from its mountain ranges, lush flora and fauna, and Aboriginal heritage, the Grampians is also home to majestic waterfalls and magnificent waterways dotting its landscape.

The magnificent Grampians waterfalls continue to amaze visitors with their charm and natural beauty.

Here are some waterfalls you can visit in the Grampians:

1. Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls is the Grampians’ most popular waterfalls. It is also the largest and the only waterfall with a flowing waterway all year round. Thanks to the regular rainfall.

The waterfall has been a major attraction in the Grampians. The surrounding areas of Mackenzie Falls are panoramic vistas of landscapes and mountain ranges.

Two walks are available. So, you can have the best view of the waterfall: at the bottom and on lookouts where you have the bird’s eye view. From the lookout platform, you can also see the surrounding hills and waterways.

2. Wannon Falls

Located 20 kilometres from Hamilton, Wannon Falls is a natural wonder. With the rock structures from basalt lava flow, the result is a tantalising beauty of a waterfall you would not take your eyes off.

The impressive views of rapids and rushing water jumping off the cliff to the bottom pool are simply spectacular.

The area is surrounded by lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. You can have a picnic and set up a camp on the banks of Wannon River. While in the area you, can also learn the history of the Koori people.

3. Nigretta Falls

Located 19 kilometres from Wannon Falls and 16 kilometres from Hamilton is Nigretta Falls. It was formerly known as the Upper Wannon Falls. The waters flowing and plunging downstream over the rocks creating spectacular cascades.

At the viewing platform, you can also see the surrounding areas of astounding mountain views and panoramic landscape.

Nigretta Falls is a great place to have a hiking adventure into the wild. While on a bushwalking expedition, always on a lookout for the native wild animals.

4. Bridal Veil Falls

On the eastern side of the Grampians lies hidden the scenic Bridal Veil Falls. On the way to the waterfalls, take a bushwalk along the tracks. Follow the trails and enjoy the views of the surrounding areas of hills, valleys, waterways, and lake.

The climax of the trail is the fascinating Bridal Veil Falls. The 60-metre high descent of the water created a veil-like mist is simply enchanting. Hence, the name Bridal Veil Falls.

5. Silverband Falls

Near Halls Gap is the picturesque Silverband Falls. Surrounded by rocky landscapes, the scenery is filled with mystery, beauty, and enchantment. The waterfall is popular among wedding couples taking photos of the hills and the plunging waters.

On the surrounding areas of the waterfall, you can spot some wildflowers and wild animals — kangaroos, wallabies, deer, and other mammals. You can also spot some colourful and lovely native birds.

6. Beehive Falls

Near Halls Gap is another waterfall, the pretty Beehive Falls. The waterfall has rough cliffs and a rocky valley serving as a backdrop.

Beehive Falls has enchanted locals and visitors alike. With waters falling down the rocky cliffs surrounded by lush vegetation make up an enchanting, charming scenery where spring wildflowers bloom.

The serene setting makes Beehive Falls perfect for a relaxing picnic.

7. Clematis Falls

Another waterfall near Halls Gap is the spectacular Clematis Falls. Located 2.4 kilometres from Halls Gap, the waterfall is perfect for a quick getaway. You can take an easy walk from the town to the waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation.

Along the way, you may spot some kangaroos and other native Australian wildlife. You can have a picnic here and do some fun activities.

8. Fish Falls

From the Zumsteins Picnic Area, take a little over 2-kilometre walk to the Fish Falls. It is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Grampians. The 60-metre descent of water plunging into the pool below is a sight to behold.

The best time to visit Fish Falls is after the rain. You can hike along the trails leading to the waterfall. The paths are a little tricky and slippery. But upon reaching the base of the waterfalls, the effort is worth it with the picturesque views of natural scenery.

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Visit the majestic Mackenzie or Silverband waterfalls.

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