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Romantic getaways in Port Stephens

Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a perfect romantic getaway – quaint sandy beaches, turquoise waters, calm and serene environment, great food and wine, and friendly and hospitable people. So, make your Sydney tours an intimate one.  

Romance is as old as the evolution of the first humans. Times have changed, and the forms of romantic preferences have also changed but love remained as it has been. William Shakespeare said in Love’s Labour’s Lost, “When love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.”

It must be the sweetest voice like having honey a sauce to sugar. Make it organic. Just be careful you don’t get diabetes. Speak highly of love Will, but it is better to be practical about a romantic relationship. Instead of booking an expensive 5-star accommodation, a quaint beach house that provides both quiet and intimacy is much better.

At Port Stephens, people open their homes for guests. They receive families and couples to enjoy the beauty of this New South Wales paradise. There are many beach houses and guest houses offering comfortable and sometimes luxurious accommodations making your Sydney tours to Port Stephens more fun, and well, intimate.

I have selected four places to stay and an iconic food getaway in Stockton Beach.      


Dutchies Holiday

Dutchies Holiday is a quaint 5-bedroom & 3-bathroom house in Nelson Bay. It can accommodate five couples at a time. And it is not just an ordinary beach house. It is cosy and has an intimate feel. The perfect view of the beach and the calming sound of the sea sure intensifies love.

Only a few steps away you’re walking on the white sands of Dutchman’s Bay.

You could choose to cool yourself off in the pristine waters. If romance cools off too, then walk him or her out to a restaurant nearby for a dinner date with chocolates and wine. Then make it up later in the comfortable bed of Dutchies Holiday.    


Beachfront Oasis

Beachfront Oasis is a 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom guesthouse on Corlette Point Beach in Nelson Bay. The house is perfectly located away from the often-busy main streets. It stands on a quiet side street close to the sandy beach which is great for a romantic getaway.

The modern design of this guesthouse showcases spacious rooms and a quaint living area yet protects your privacy.

The relaxing sound of the waves and the music of the ocean breeze make romance more intimate. You can stroll down the beach or cool off in the water after a heated exchange of affection. Perhaps, you can opt to dine out in a restaurant nearby or enjoy your barbecue and wine.     


Beachfront House Sunset Beach

It is a 3-bedroom beach house located on Soldiers Point waterfront on 38 Sunset Boulevard. The catch of Beachfront House is the amazing ocean views. As soon as you step out of the door, take a few steps then you can feel the sand under your feet.

A short walk along the sandy beach will lead you to the picturesque marina and to restaurants and cafes.

Stay with your partner in this rustic and charming cottage to relax and to feel each other’s presence — intimate and private. You may both decide to have a date in a nearby restaurant. The cafes and restaurants are only a few minutes’ walk away.

But don’t walk away from your partner.


Water’s Edge

Another cool, stylish, and luxurious beach house is Water’s Edge. Located on Port Stephens Waterfront, this 5-bedroom guesthouse is designed for families and couples to have a relaxing place to stay on a holiday. You can check in to enjoy the beach and to unwind in the calm, peaceful, and quiet environment.

Nicely designed and decorated, Water’s Edge is a perfect Sydney tours romantic getaway. The setting is private and intimate. You can both enjoy each other’s company in a saccharine sunset. The lawns and gardens are impressive you can comfortably lie on the hammock with a book or simply love the views.      


Crest Birubi Beach

The storied Crest Birubi Beach in Anna Bay has been a popular destination for fine dining. With picturesque views of the sea and the sand, this restaurant sits on the northern edge of the Stockton Bight. Hence, the impressive views of the sand dunes of Stockton Beach.

Whether you dine indoors or outdoors, your date is like heaven on earth, blissful even before the luscious meal. The food on the menu is perfect for a relaxing lunch or dinner. But you can have breakfast as well before hitting the beach.

So there, Port Stephens is the best Sydney tours destination to stay to nurture love. But be careful because as Will said, “Love is a smoke and is made with a fume of sighs.” 


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

Popular Sydney Tours

Sydney Tours

Travelling to Australia is fun; and doing Sydney tours would be a lot more fun. There’s so much to explore within and outside the city.      

The capital of Australia’s New South Wales and one of the world’s famous cities, this beautiful city of Sydney has a lot of scenic attractions to offer visitors making tourism one of the backbones of its economy.


Sydney City Tours

The iconic Sydney Opera House remains one of the most visited places on earth. Then there’s the charming Darling Harbour and Harbour Bridge as well as the equally impressive Circular Quay port.

Near the harbour is the historic area of the Rocks, and if you want to shop to your heart’s content, there’s the elegant Romanesque-style Queen Victoria Building.

To have a panoramic view of the Sydney landscape, climb up the 309-metre high Sydney Tower Eye and go sky walking on its glass-floor viewing platform.

For an idyllic scenery, hit the city’s fabulous beaches. There’s the iconic Bondi Beach, Cronulla, Bronte, Maroubra, and Tamarama. For some excitement on the surf, try the surf beaches of Collaroy, Dee Why, and Narrabeen.

Explore the city because there’s a lot of quaint places, corners, and historic structures this NSW capital showcases which make your Sydney tours fun and exciting.      


Port Stephens

Want some more getaways outside the city to add to your Sydney tours excursion? Try exploring Port Stephens of the Hunter Region. It is home to excellent sandy beaches, pristine blue waters, and diverse marine life. A must-visit for fun-loving folks who want some aquatic adventures. 

You can sunbathe, swim, and surf in the beaches of One Mile, Nelson Bay, and Stockton among some of the best seaside scenic spots in the area. Or dive into the depths of the 98,000-hectare marine park to view the corals, coral reefs, and the life underwater.

Dolphin-watching on board Moonshadow-TQC Cruise on Nelson Bay is a popular daily tourism activity. During migration season you can have the chance to see the humpback whales passing by the marine park.  

Explore the sand dunes of Stockton Beach. There’s plenty of fun activities you can do including sandboarding, camel riding, horse riding, 4WD riding, running, walking, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, diving, picnic, and camping. The 32-kilometre stretch of sand is a thing of wonder.

From the sandy shores to the turquoise waters, the region offers a unique, exotic, and unforgettable Port Stephens tours experience.


The Hunter Valley

Within the Hunter Region, travel to the Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region.

Naturally, the most common tourism activity must be the winery tours. Never miss the iconic Semillon wine variety Hunter Valley is famous for. There are also other traditional wine varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Shiraz among others.

Big name wineries include Audrey Wilkinson, Bimbadgen, Gartelmann, Pepper Tree, Oakvale, Tempus Two, and Scarborough.

But wine tasting is not all you have to do on your Hunter Valley tours.

Visit the 60-acre of themed gardens in Pokolbin, the Hunter Valley Gardens showcases an impressive floral display unrivalled in New South Wales.

Or you could view the entire region on board a helicopter or on a hot air balloon. On the ground, you can visit Lake St. Clair to have a family picnic. If you’re into golf, hit a birdie at The Vintage, one of Australia’s top-notch golf courses.

Outdoor concerts are also held in this charming region that provides a musical accent to your Hunter Valley tours. There’s the annual jazz festival you can catch. Catch the 31st Newcastle Jazz Festival 2018.    


The Blue Mountains

About 50 kilometres northwest of Sydney stands the mystical Blue Mountains National Park.

The blue haze covering the mountain ranges under the azure sky is a phenomenon of wonder. Forests of gum trees and eucalyptus emitted tons of oil scattering in the air. This results in the sunlight being refracted that our eyes are allowed to see blue.

Explore the mountain ranges dotted with impressive waterfalls and waterways, eucalyptus forests, ridges, cliffs, and sandstone formations.

On the Blue Mountains, you can visit the tourist town of Katoomba. At Echo Point, you can have the amazing views of the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Mount Solitary, Narrow Neck Plateau, and the Jamison Valley.

Try bushwalking to reach Wentworth Falls, the most impressive waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. You can also visit Blackheath to view the equally impressive Govetts Leap Falls.

Your Blue Mountains tours experience would not be complete without viewing the entire region on the Scenic Skyway or the Scenic Cableway. You can also ride the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest funicular railway.

With so many picturesque places to explore within and outside the city, it is not surprising why Sydney tours remained the most fun to do in Australia.


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

Exploring the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park

Port Stephens

One of the Sydney tours scenic destinations is the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park. The marine and estuarine sanctuary hosts a rich and diverse marine life including the bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, great white sharks and much more.

The Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park is one of the most spectacular marine parks in Australia. It hosts a diverse marine as well as estuarine life. With only two-and-a-half hour of drive away from Sydney, Port Stephens is a place to go for some exciting marine adventures.

The marine park’s seascapes consist of sandy beaches, mangroves, and cool blue waters. The coastlines are dotted with accessible beaches including Nelson Bay Beach, One Mile Beach, and Stockton Beach. They are among the best of beaches in the world.  

With a total area of 98,000 hectares, there sure is plenty of things to explore in the waters of Port Stephens, something that Sydney tours adventurers would look forward to. The protected marine park supports a wide range of aquamarine and estuarine biodiversity. Various species of fish, crustaceans, invertebrates, beach worms, molluscs, and seaweeds are found in the area. Sea turtles including loggerhead, green, leatherback and hawksbill also populate the park.

Over 200 different species of fish breed in the marine park including the protected and endangered black rock cod, great white shark, grey nurse shark, bottlenose dolphins, and common dolphins.

Dolphin-watching onboard a cruise ship is a daily tourism activity in Nelson Bay. In April to November, people do whale-watching in some selected vantage points. Migrating humpback whales would pass by the marine park.

The estuaries of Port Stephens are covered with mangroves, saltmarsh, and seagrass; and the rocky shores are a home to a variety of seabirds, barnacles, algae, and many other life forms.

The seasides are sanctuaries for the seabirds, shorebirds, and migratory birds. More than 120 species of migratory and resident shorebirds including the little tern, grey-tailed tattler, Mongolian Plover, the bush stone-curlew, and the endemic and highly endangered Gould’s petrel can be seen in the mudflats, swamps, and beaches.

Port Stephens has a lot to showcase whether above water or underwater. Wonderful beaches, impressive coral reefs, cool blue waters, marine biodiversity, and estuarine life are good enough a reason Port Stephens is a must-visit Sydney tours scenic attraction in New South Wales.

Snorkel to view the corals in the shallows or dive into the depths to view a magnificent world underwater. If you love fishing like me, then you can cast a line to catch your catch. For adventurers and thrill seekers who like to brave the waves and the rip, then you can choose a spot to surf. And if you want to see the marine life of Port Stephens without dipping yourself in the water, then whale-watching or dolphin-watching on board a boat or a cruise is just right for you.

A day of touring around the region would not be sufficient, but it is a good start to explore the richness and beauty of Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park.

Wildlife Tours Australia offers Sydney tours packages including a guided day tour to Port Stephens where you can watch the bottlenose and common dolphins on board Moonshadow-TQC Cruises. You have a choice whether to swim in the turquoise waters of Nelson Bay Beach or to go sandboarding in the sand dunes of Stockton Beach. 



By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

Exploring the picturesque Port Stephens

Port Stephens

Plan out your Sydney tours to the picturesque Port Stephens known for its blue waters and rich marine life. Explore Port Stephens — its beautiful beaches and many aquatic activities, and make your trip memorable.  

A natural harbour with impressive beaches and abundant marine life, Port Stephens is a beach paradise of New South Wales, and a famous Sydney tours destination. Only two hours of drive (160 kilometres) away from Sydney, its 113-kilometre stretch of shoreline is dotted with pristine sandy beaches. The turquoise waters offer not only a cool and relaxing sensation but also invite you to have fun with many aquatic activities.       

Facing the South Pacific Ocean, Port Stephens is a sanctuary of a rich marine biodiversity. Its marine ecology hosts a number of endemic and endangered marine species. The upper part of the port, where the freshwater and seawater meet, is a protected estuarine ecology.

At Port Stephens, you can do a lot of things from horse riding and tobogganing on the dunes to swimming in the blue waters and scuba diving. It makes your Sydney tours to the region more fun and exciting.

There are many impressive spots to do scuba diving. The shark colony near Broughton Island would be a great place for adventurous and experienced divers. For first timers and inexperienced divers, Let’s Go Adventures can help you with scuba diving and snorkelling lessons.   

You can go snorkelling and enjoy the views of the underwater at Fly Point. Beginner divers and snorkelers will surely have a rewarding day underwater. Peeping into the world of marine life underwater lets you long to explore more about the complexity and beauty of corals and many different fish species.    

Tag your family and friends along for a picnic on the white sandy beach of Nelson Bay. And then cool off in the fresh, clean, and unspoilt seawater. You can also fish in the waters of Nelson Bay or go onboard Moonshadow-TQC Cruises to watch some bottlenose dolphins.

There are also good vantage points such as Crest Birubi Beach to view the migrating whales between the months of May and November.

Fingal Bay’s sandy beaches are patrolled and are popular with families. You can also have a chance to spot some whales on Fingal Head. When the weather is good you can do parasailing or try your hand at surfboards and water skis. 

Hire a paddle boat at Shoal Bay or go fishing. You sure will be rewarded with a catch. Enjoy your water world experience with surf skis, canoes, sailboards, and water scooters.

Watch some birds, wild animals, and native plants on Tomaree Head. Or you can simply hit the sandy beach at the base of Tomaree Head on the east and take a deep in its shallows. Or cross the sandbar at Fingal Spit and take a walk to Point Stephens. Climb up the Port Stephens Lighthouse to have amazing views of the South Pacific Ocean.    

There’s a 34-kilometre stretch of sand dunes that rise up to 30 metres high at Stockton Beach. You may want to travel from one end of the sand dunes to the other end on horseback, camel, or four-wheel drive. You can also do biking in the dunes, but be careful not to disturb the little terns, they’re one of Australia’s most endangered bird species. Of course, the views of the ocean are more than rewarding.

If you happened to be in the New South Wales capital, then time to explore Port Stephens as your next Sydney tours stop. The experience is guaranteed to be a memorable one.  


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

Dolphin-watching in the waters of Port Stephens

Located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Port Stephens remains one of the big-ticket Sydney tours destinations popular for dolphin watching onboard a cruise. Enjoy your Port Stephens tours with the bottlenose dolphins of Nelson Bay.   

Plan a Sydney tours itinerary and travel 200 kilometres northeast of the city to Port Stephens. It usually takes at least 3 hours of drive to reach Australia’s dolphin sanctuary.

Visit Nelson Bay to have fun in its turquoise waters. But don’t miss the main stars of the day: the bottlenose dolphins! Dolphin-watching onboard a cruise ship is a daily regular tourism activity in Port Stephens.  

Dolphins have made the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park their permanent home. Traditionally, there was a spiritual connection between dolphins and the Aboriginal Worimi people. In the past, the Worimi elders talked and communicated with the dolphins. Even today, some elders still keep in touch with Guppar, the local name for dolphins.

Sleek, streamlined, and with broad and triangular dorsal fins, Bottlenose dolphins are a common sight in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Their sizes vary. The smaller dolphins weigh around 90 kilograms, but some can grow up to 650 kilograms. An average dolphin is around 200 kilograms.

Like any other mammals, dolphins breathe, sleep, and in need of water. But they have them in unique ways. They get their water from food like fish, squid, and octopus. Dolphins feed on seafood, consuming between 10 and 23 kilograms of fish a day. They sleep by moving slowly in the water and surfacing to breathe with their blowholes. They use a blowhole to inhale and to exhale. It only takes less than a second to complete a breathing cycle. But they can hold breath up to 20 minutes.

They’re pretty fast swimmers they can swim up to 35 kilometres per hour. And have a very good eyesight too they can see underwater requiring only less amount of light.

There are three types of dolphins you can encounter in the waters of Port Stephens: the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and common bottlenose dolphins. Around 150 to 200 individuals live and breed in this dolphin community. Another dolphin community can be found in the waters near Broughton Island.

In Port Stephens, dolphins are treated like rock stars. They are a popular attraction, entertaining visitors and locals alike, which makes your Sydney tours to Nelson Bay more fun and exciting. They follow you and they are watching you on board a boat watching them. Yes, it’s a two-way affair. So, it is important that we also protect them.

Besides common predators in sharks and killer whales, humans are also a threat to the dolphins. There had been cases of dolphin entanglement with fishnets and fishing lines. Accidents also occur, like boat strikes. Water pollution caused by human threatens the dolphin population. But the most dangerous threat so far is overfishing, depriving the dolphins of their daily staples. 

As you watch the dolphins have fun watching you, you can also protect and take care of them. You can appreciate them without disturbing their natural habitat.  

To book your cruise check out Moonshadow-TQC Cruises, they have onboard commentary about the dolphins of Nelson Bay. And if you want to know more about how to protect the natural marine habitat of Port Stephens, check out the Office of Environment & Heritage NSW or the Department of Primary Industries NSW on information about fishing.

We at Wildlife Tours promote responsible ecotourism. Book one of our Sydney tours packages that lets you enjoy the blue waters of Port Stephens and see the dolphins. We offer a trip to three destinations – Port Stephens, Hunter Valley, and the Blue Mountains – in one amazing tour.     


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.