Crossing some parts of the Great Dividing Range would be an interesting road trip. From the Hunter Region, Putty Road cuts through the mountain ranges. It leads you to the picturesque Blue Mountains National Park located 50 kilometres west of Sydney.   


The trip enables you to traverse a section between the national parks of Wollemi and Yengo. The final destination must be the tourist town of Katoomba. Upon reaching Katoomba, spectacular views of the Blue Mountains await. At a lookout on Echo Point, you can view the storied Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, Narrow Neck Plateau, and the Jamison Valley. Take an hour or two of bushwalk you will reach the base of Katoomba Falls.


The Blue Mountains is a part of the Great Dividing Range, a series of mountain ranges, ridges, and plateaus. The Great Dividing Range is also called the Eastern Highlands. It is the world’s third longest mountain range. Starting from Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula in the north down south to New South Wales it bends westward to Victoria, finally dissolving in the Grampians. That’s 3,700 kilometres of rugged mountainous terrains and highlands.


Lying parallel to the eastern coasts of Australia, the Great Dividing Range comprises Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, and Victoria. The highest peak is the 2,228-metre high Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s tallest mountain peak.


Dotted with waterfalls and waterways, it is the headwaters of Australia’s main rivers. Covered with verdure ancient rainforests, it also showcases a diverse flora and fauna. Eucalyptus forests make the Blue Mountains, a portion of the Great Dividing Range, blue seen from a distance. The azure hue gives you a sense of awe, mystery, and fascination.     


Within the Great Dividing Range are many clusters of mountain ranges declared as national parks and conservation reserves including the Grampians, the Blue Mountains, the Dandenong Ranges, Wollemi, and Alpine National Parks among many others. 


Along the way, while crossing the highlands, wild kangaroos and other wild animals can be spotted playfully grazing on the roadsides. On the forks and branches of eucalyptus trees above, there’s a chance to see some koalas. But because of the speed of the bus, you could hardly see them.


It would also be a challenging adventure to explore the Great Dividing Range from Queensland to Victoria. But that is a dream for now. One could only imagine the spectacular views of mountains, ridges, plateaus, escarpments, and valleys. Impressive landscapes, waterfalls, waterways, and wildflowers await as well as wild animals and extreme weather. Getting lost in the wilds is easy though. Getting back on track, however, is not. Let’s stick to the road trip.


Drunk last night with friends over a few bottles of wine or of vodka in the Hunter Valley, the journey to the Blue Mountains is justified. Well, the scenic views of the mountain ranges are more than enough to give you a sense of calm and serenity. The sound of the waters falling off the gorge of Wentworth Falls takes your hangover away. Or better yet, just drink plenty of water or fruit juices and enjoy the experience of the Great Dividing Range.


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