Scenic World and the ‘scenics’ of Katoomba

The Scenic World tourism complex has provided Blue Mountains tours adventurers platforms to enjoy and experience the region’s spectacular views and panoramic landscapes.   

Katoomba is a quaint town at the heart of the Blue Mountains about 100 kilometres from Sydney. The town, which is usually the first major stop of any Blue Mountains tours, boasts of many impressive scenic attractions.

One of the quaint spots to visit is Echo Point, a lookout perching on an escarpment. At the lookout, you can view the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and Jamison Valley. From the same vantage point, you can also see Mount Solitary and the Ruined Castle. On the far right lies the Narrow Neck Plateau.

From Echo Point, the Giant Stairway connects the escarpment down to the valley floor, which is also the route to the base of Katoomba Falls.

With tourism as the town’s main industry, Katoomba is undoubtedly a famous Sydney tours stop. People take nature hikes (or what the Aussies call bushwalks) on trails and boardwalks. But if you want some more fun and excitement on your Blue Mountains tours, the town has more to offer.

Welcome to Scenic World, a tourism complex that operates all the “scenics” in Katoomba. For the bird’s eye view of the valley take the Scenic Skyway and the Scenic Cableway. For the thrill up and down the terrains of Jamison Valley, the Scenic Railway is for you. This funicular railway is the steepest in the world.

A cable car built in 1958, Scenic Skyway travels over Jamison Valley. You can see the magnificent Katoomba Falls and Orphan Rock from a higher elevation. The Skyway is 270 metres above the ground over Jamison Valley. It can carry 72 up to persons. See the valley below through the cabin’s glass floor.

The Scenic Cableway is a cable line connecting Doppelmayr and Jamison Valley. Its cable car can carry 84 passengers, passing over the valley above 510 metres high. Spectacular views of the rainforests below and the panoramic Jamison Valley landscape. You will have great views of the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Orphan Rock, and Mount Solitary.

The Scenic Railway, cable-driven funicular railway, used to be a rail facility for mining coal and oil shale back in the 1880s. Mining in Jamison Valley closed in 1945. Today, the railway gets another usage. It is now a tourism facility carrying people up and down the rocky and rugged terrains of Katoomba. It can ferry up to 84 passengers per run. It has the steepest incline of 52 degrees on a 310-metre distance.

For people weak enough for the thrills of the train ride or having the fear of heights there’s another scenic. Take a bush walk on the Scenic Walkway, a 2.4-kilometre elevated boardwalk. Walk through the rainforest amongst ancient trees on a higher elevation. The boardwalk is also friendly to persons with disability.

After the fun train ride and the terrific views on board the scenic skyway and cableway, accent your Blue Mountains tours with a chill out and a relaxing twist. Terrace Cafe offers a relaxing ambience and wonderful views of Jamison Valley. Grab a nice blend of espresso or an alcoholic beverage and enjoy the scenery of the Blue Mountains.

At Scenic World, you sure have fun either up above or down below. The cable cars provide you wonderful vistas of the World Heritage-listed national park. And for adventures on the ground the railway gives you some thrill. The safest and the easiest though is bushwalking on the scenic walkway.


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

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