Scenic dine and wine in Hunter Valley

A scenic dine and wine in Hunter Valley lets you experience the region’s food and alcoholic beverage showcase that gives it a unique identity. It also allows you to explore in depth Australia’s food and wine culture.

Premier wine region

Touring around Hunter Valley introduces you to one of Australia’s premier wine regions, and the oldest at that. With about 120 wineries and cellar doors, there’s plenty of winemakers to choose from. Every cellar door is competitive, and every cellar door has its distinct winemaking style.

The region’s fertile land has become a home to the best vines out of which top-notch wines are made from. Originated from France, Semillon has found a new home in Australia and earned a name for itself as Hunter Valley’s iconic wine variety.

Visiting the region is like uncovering not its secret but the several layers of magic ranging from food to wine, from beer to vodka, music and the arts to cultural heritage and tradition, and from smiles and laughter of the people to the genuine richness of Australian hospitality.

Food and wine are only extensions of the people’s creativity, artistry, and cultural maturity.

Hunter Valley’s food and wine

Hunter Valley is not all about wine, although it is undeniably a famous wine region. It is also a foodie getaway known for its scrumptious food creations – gourmet dishes, unique Hunter Valley cuisine, and chocolates and desserts.

As you explore the region, get the chance to sample your way around with chocolates, fudges, cheeses, and exquisite dishes. Relax and unwind in Hunter Valley’s boutique cellar doors, elegant cafés, and gourmet restaurants.

Picturesque scenery

Travelling to the Hunter Valley from Sydney through the Kuring-Gai National Park and the Hawkesbury River is a spectacular trip with amazing countryside scenery.

Upon setting your feet on the valley, your eyes feast on the panoramic landscape and filled with vibrant colours of ornamental gardens, vineyards, gourmet farms, bushlands, and mountain ranges.

Every year, Hunter Valley hosts a food and wine festival where restaurants and wineries, and chefs and winemakers converge to showcase their food and wine creations. It is also the best time to have a meet and greet session with the region’s famed wine masters and chefs.

This year 2018, the annual Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival runs through two full months, May and June, of gastronomic utopia, exhibiting the best mouth-watering food and top-notch fine wines the region has to offer.

Scenic wine and dine

It is time to plan your scenic wine and dine tour to one of the big-ticket destinations in South Wales which is only two hours of drive away from the metropolitan Sydney.

Brace yourself for some excitement, fun, and adventure for the trip that brings you to the hidden corners of Hunter Valley, places that display the region’s treasure trove.

A 1 day hunter valley wine tour is a good start, but it only scratches the surface of the region’s richness. The experience sure delights you and tantalise your senses to explore more about the region’s deeper charm.

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