The Rugged Mountain Ranges of the Grampians

Consisting of mountain ranges, rock formations, peaks, cliffs, canyons, and rocky hills, the Grampians region is a collage of scenic landscapes and panoramic mountain views dotted with waterfalls and waterways.

A verdant vegetation and diverse wildlife sprang out of these land formations west of Victoria.

Some peaks and mountain ranges on the Grampians

Mt William

The highest peak of these ranges is Mt William standing at 1,168 metres above sea level. Close to the charming town of Mafeking, reaching the top of this mountain range rewards you with a stunning vista of the entire range and its surrounding farmlands, townships, and sub-alpine vegetation.

Located about 250 kilometres northwest of Melbourne and a 22-kilometre drive from Halls Gap, Mount William is an ideal destination for hikers and rock climbers.

The mountain range extends to Mount Zero in the north linked up by the 1,100-metre elevation sandstone ridge of Major Mitchell Plateau.

Serra Range

Off the Fyans Creek lies the Serra Range with an elevation of around 775 metres above sea level. The range is within the vicinity of the Grampians; it is one of the highest localities west of Victoria.

Serra Range is only 15 kilometres from Halls Gap.

Mt Arapiles

Mt Arapiles is a popular rock climbing site in the Grampians. It has over 2000 different climbs and difficulties on its cliffs and pinnacles. The mountain range consists of quartz and sandstone formations rising about 230 metres of elevation.

When hiking the trails and the tracks of Mt Arapiles always on the lookout for wild animals, native birds, and endangered native plants and wildflowers.

Mt Difficult Range

Located between the scenic localities and townships of Halls Gap and Roses Gap is Mount Difficult Range, a high and rugged terrain of sandstone cliffs and canyons that’s part of the whole that made up the Grampians landscape. The range features high cliffs and rocky peaks ideal for rock climbing.

Mt Zero

Standing 573 feet above sea level near the quaint township of Horsham, Mount Zero is another mountain range that’s ideal for hikers and mountain climbers. It is home to more than 6000 trees of olive groves that produced olive oil and other olive-based products.

Mt Stapylton

Another mountain range that helped make up the Grampians is Mount Stapylton, a land formation with an elevation of around 470 metres above sea level. Located northwest of the Grampians, Mount Stapylton is a popular destination for hikers.

With Mount Zero Picnic Ground as the starting point, the difficulty of the trails and walking tracks range from easy to moderate.

Hollow Mountain

Hollow Mountain is a hilly terrain of cliffs and rock formations overlooking Mount Stapylton and the Wimmera Plains. It sits nearby Horsham and Wartook Valley, and a renowned hiking destination because of its light to moderate level of difficulty in its tricky walking trails.

When on Hollow Mountain appreciate the beauty of the wildflowers surrounding the Wimmera Plains. It sure is a sight to behold.

Mt Thackeray

With steep, rough, and rugged tracks, Mount Thackeray on the west of the Grampians offers difficult and challenging trails to hike and to climb. Once you reach the 900-metre peak of this rocky terrain you will be rewarded with wonderful views of a west Grampians natural scenery.

Mt Abrupt

Then there’s Mount Abrupt near the Great Dividing Range, it is a hilly mountain range perfect for adventure. Mount Abrupt is a forested mountain range with lush vegetation and greenery ideal for nature lovers. Bushwalking on the mountainous terrain presents you with an array of scenic views.

Mt Napier

A towering volcanic mountain Mount Napier sits 20 kilometres south of Hamilton. Hikers and mountain climbers love this youngest Victorian volcano that last erupted 10,000 years ago.

Mt Napier’s magnificent land and volcanic rock formations have much to offer such as the Blackwood forest and the Byaduk Caves of which the largest measures 18 metres wide, 20 metres deep, and a height of 10 metres.

Victoria Range

Victoria Range is a scenic destination ideal for hiking and rock climbing with its challenging cliffs and rock formations. The number of its sandstone rocks and peaks would be perfect for rock climbing. You can also bike and take a scenic walk amongst native wildlife, birds, and lush vegetation.

The Lookouts

The best way though to have a wider view of the Grampians mountain ranges would be at the designated lookouts such as the Balconies, the Pinnacle Lookout, and the Boroka Lookout.

At these lookouts, you will have the best and panoramic views of the entire Grampians mountain ranges including the Mount William Range, Wonderland Range, and Mount Gar Range.

So, get ready and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure to the Grampians!

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By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

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