Reeds and the Balconies Lookouts in the Grampians

Reeds and the Balconies Lookouts in the Grampians National Park

Reeds Lookout and Balconies Lookout in Grampians National Park are two popular scenic spots to experience the unique landscape of impressive mountainous terrains, rolling hills, valleys, lakes and waterways, and lush vegetation.

Set in the rugged mountain ranges and strange sandstone formations dotted with waterfalls and lakes and covered by verdure rainforests filled with native wildlife, the Grampians is a must-visit scenic destination in western Victoria. And the region offers plenty of outdoor activities to do including hiking, mountain adventures, water sports, sightseeing, and wildlife spotting.

The track to Reeds Lookout is an easy one to follow. It only takes 10 minutes of leisure walk on a 100-metre trail to get to the lookout. The elevation changes up to 15 metres as you reach the lookout. Visitors can access the track by wheelchairs and strollers. Children should be accompanied by parents at all times.

And the reward for the easy walk is simply overwhelming. As you reach the lookout, you get to have a great vantage point to enjoy the breathtaking views and the picturesque landscapes of the Serra Range, Victoria Valley, Victoria Range, Mt Difficult Range, and Lake Wartook.

From the same car park, take an easy 2.2-kilometre with return hike from the car park that is about 1 hour to complete, follow the bushwalk trail to the Balconies Lookout. The track is easy to walk on and accessible to wheelchairs, strollers, and young children under the parents’ supervision.

Follow the trail that traverses a stringy-bark forest and rock outcrops to reach the lookout. The reward: views of the surrounding rugged mountain ranges and a classic panoramic landscape of Victoria Valley.

The lookout’s strange rock formation, an outcrop sticking out of the mountain, looks like Jaws. Thus, it was also called ‘Jaws of Death’. The best time to visit the lookout is early morning for the misty Grampians sunrise or at nightfall for the colourful highland sunset.

On your way to the lookout, watch and listen to the songs of the region’s native birds and delight at the beauty of spring wildflowers, native shrubs, and lush vegetation. In autumn, you get the soft colours of the Grampians sunset which is an eye candy and every photographer’s dream.

Book a tour with Wildlife Tours to start your journey to this ancient mountain and native wildlife paradise. We offer a one-day Grampians tour that lets you explore the region’s mountains, learn the indigenous Aboriginal culture, and know its abundant flora and fauna.

Of course, the tour includes a hike to the Balconies Lookout, a viewing platform featuring some of western Victoria’s amazing landscapes. We ensure you get a comfortable ride and a great company of new friends as your tour guide provides you with some fun facts and information about this mystical Australian highland.

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