The Pristine Beaches of Phillip Island

Phillip Island is known for the penguin parade, the seals, the race track, and the native wildlife. But there’s more the island can offer -- its pristine beaches and rugged surfs.

Located about 140 kilometers southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island has 97 kilometers or 60 miles of coastline replete with surfs and sheltered beaches, blowholes, caves, and rock formations.

On the north, you can see sheltered bay beaches which are ideal for families where kids can swim and play in the shallows. Down south, you can surf in the gentle to strong waves. The island has one of Australia’s best surf breaks.

Swim in the north

Phillip Island’s northern coasts are ideal for swimming, especially for families with little children. The coves and bay beaches are sheltered with beachside amenities.

Cowes Beach

Cowes Beach is a long stretch of beach sand dotted with seaside facilities and amenities. The shallow waters are safe for the children. Cowes is a popular beach destination for families, swimmers, and holidaymakers. Lifesavers are regularly patrolling the beachside.

Ventnor Beach

If you’re not strong enough a swimmer to brave the rugged surfs of the south, then Ventnor Beach is just right for you. It has amazing ocean views across the Westernport channel. Ventnor is perfect for swimmers and sun-seekers. The waters are calm and the ocean views stunning. You can even view the Mornington Peninsula from here.

Red Rocks Beach

A sheltered bay beach on the north, Red Rocks Beach is popular with swimmers, especially in summer months. Splash in the waters against the backdrop of red rocks,enjoy the cool waters, or just relax in the sand under the sun.

Surf in the south

The southern beaches are recommended for strong swimmers, surfers, and thrill seekers. Although there are sheltered beaches where children can swim in the cool waters, the southern shores are known for rugged surfs.

Smiths Beach

Known for its consistent waves Smiths Beach is popular with families and young folks who are strong swimmers and who love surfing. The beach is ideal for beginner surfers with its calm and gentle waves. Lifesavers are regularly patrolling the beachside.

Summerland Beach

Being the most popular beach in Phillip Island, Summerland Beach’s white sands are accessible only until dusk. The beach is closed off to give way to the stars of the day — the Little Penguins. It is the location of the spectacular penguin parade.

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is ideal for beginner surfers because of its gentle and small waves. The size of the waves is less than a meter. Its quiet atmosphere and amazing coastal views are an ideal for sun-seekers, swimmers, and surfers alike.

Woolamai Surf Beach

Seeking for a thrill? Then Woolamai Surf Beach is highly recommended for you. The strong rips and currents, rugged surf, and large waves made Woolamai a great place for pro surfers and action seekers. Plus, it is well-patrolled.

So, make the most of your stay on Phillip Island. The experience and the thrill would be worth it.

By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

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