Photo Opportunities on Great Ocean Road

Digital technology and social media have helped revolutionize tourism today. In some ways, we understand tourism as having selfies or group shots with cultural icons, food, people, landmarks, and scenic spots of a country. And in a matter of seconds photographs are posted on social media. Positively, pictures posted on social media promote the place.

But sometimes it is also good to be a little bit circumspect when traveling to a place. Just take some photographs for fun and not necessarily for some bragging points to your social circles. Snapping pictures of scenery to capture your experience and to digitally store memories would be a great thing.

So, if you’re traveling to the Great Ocean Road makes it more fun and exciting, however, we recommend travelling with a tour guide on our great ocena road tour to be shown the best photo opportunities. You can record your journey and take some amazing shots of the scenery. It sure is one of the best experiences you would have of Australia. A spectacular coastal drive with amazing views of landscapes and seascapes, of woodlands and riverbanks, of lush flora and native wildlife, you can’t afford to leave your camera and miss capturing the wonderful moments and stunning images.

We recommend taking the best compact camera for landscape photography.

The memorial archway

The first full stop for photo ops would be at the Memorial Archway. You can pose a selfie or take a group photo under the arch. It is going to be fun because while capturing the moment you learn about history and the Great Ocean Road memorial. Perhaps you can spot some kangaroos and koalas along the way, just ready your camera.

The beautiful Anglesea

In a stop at Anglesea, you will have the chance to take some photos of the town’s beautiful landscape, surf beaches, towering cliffs, riverbanks, woodlands, spring wildflowers, wild animals, and native birds. If you’re into arts, then Anglesea Art Walk is a must see.

The poetic Lorne

At Lorne, you can pose some selfies and group pictures on the surf beaches, at the Erskine Falls, the Erskine River, the wildlife, and amazing landscapes. Well, you can also take some great shots of the pretty paradise, especially in the town center. Or simply take pictures of the lovely and poetic Lorne.

Kennett River’s wildlife

When you’re in Kennett River you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with your Aussie furry favorites — koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies. Take your camera out and snap some pictures with them. You can also photograph the colorful parrots and other Australian native birds.

Loch Ard Gorge

You would not forget the beauty of Loch Ard Gorge — its pristine beach and clear waters. Take some photos with the towering Tom and Eva. Just capture the sky and the sea and you in between. The experience is guaranteed to be wonderful.

The 12 Apostles

As the sun slowly descends to the Southern Ocean and hides behind the limestone stacks, prepare to resist yourself from seizing the moment with your camera. The changing colors of the sky, the wonderful seascape, the rock formations, and the drama of the limestone coast — well, how can you resist?

Let’s go!

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