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Penguin Parade Direct Tour | Phillip Island Tour

If you’re thinking of travelling to Phillip Island but the charm of Melbourne gets you enchanted, well, we have a tour package specially designed for you. It is a trip that allows you to spend more time exploring the city’s laneways and cafés in the morning and take a penguin parade direct tour that leaves in the afternoon.

Join us as we cruise to Phillip Island to watch the magical penguin parade happening on Summerland Beach every day at sunset. A popular sightseeing attraction in Victoria, the little penguins continue to mesmerize visitors who get to see them doing their daily ritual.

Penguin Parade Direct Tour | Itinerary

Our Phillip Island Penguins Direct Tour allows you to enjoy the city while still catching for the spectacular show over there on the famous Australian island. Leaving Melbourne later in the day, you have more than enough time to explore the city’s laneways peppered with boutique shops, cafés, bars, and restaurants.

Penguin Parade Direct Tour in Small Groups

As we wind our way to Phillip Island, meet some new friends travelling with you on a small-group tour. Our professional, entertaining, and informative guide points you to some sites of interest along the way and provides you with some fun facts. The trip is never dull.

Penguin Parade Direct Tour visits Nobbies Rocks

We head straight to the award-winning Nobbies Information Centre to learn the island’s wildlife, the Australian fur seals, and the little penguins.

Strolling down the boardwalks of the Nobbies, you get to see the Blowhole, spot the fur seals on Seal Rocks, find some wallabies and take photos with the little penguins in their nests.

Penguin Parade Direct Tour Penguin Experience

At the Penguin Parade, we still have plenty of time checking out the café and gift shops. We drop by the Visitor Information Centre to know more about the little penguins.

The little penguins (eudyptula minor) are the smallest penguins in the world measuring around 43 cm in height and about 1 kg in weight. They are monogamous and live in large colonies.

You can find these small blue penguins waddling on the coastlines of the southern hemisphere – in mainland Australia’s southern shores, Tasmania, New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, South Africa, and Chile.

The fairy penguins, as they are formally called in Australia due to their diminutive size, had established a territory on Phillip Island. In fact, the island is one of their largest colonies in Victoria.

Feeding on a seafood diet, the little penguins fish the waters of the Bass Strait during the day and return to their nests at dusk. They’re excellent swimmers to compensate for being unable to fly.

After the hard day’s fishing, they appear magically on the shore with the beautiful Phillip Island sunset at the backdrop. Watch them travel in small groups, parading back to their burrows in the sand dunes in a well-rehearsed manner.

Enjoy the spectacular show on Phillip Island in this penguin parade direct tour. It’s a fun way to conclude your day. Inclusions of the tour are the following: all park entry fees, wildlife spotting in their natural habitat, a comfortable ride, and a professional and entertaining tour guide.


As the sun sets over the ocean you wait in anticipation. Parade back to their burrows.


Witness small rafts of Penguins arrive.


Ask us about our viewing options.


Enjoy beautiful coastal scenery.

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