Must-see Attractions on The Phillip Island

With unending coastlines, villages across the shores, exquisite wildlife and international level adventure sporting activities, a trip to Phillip Island has a lot to offer to the quintessential traveller.

Here are a few sights and attractions one cannot afford to miss during their time here.

  1. The Penguin Parade

If there is one thing you do during your time in Phillip Island, it is to go see the Penguin Parade. Take out time during the sunset when wild penguins arrive at the beaches on Phillip Island to catch a good night’s sleep. If you are lucky, you can catch as many as 1100 penguins arriving to settle in for the night.

  1. The Views at the Nobbies Centre

If you are looking for cost-effective, yet exciting activities on the island, visit the Nobbies Centre. The large offshore rocks off the coast of Phillip Island are known as The Nobbies. Just across them are the Seal Rocks that house the country’s largest colony of fur seals. While at the centre, you will also be able to take a virtual journey to further down south to Antarctica. The highly informative displays and exhibits offer a world-class virtual experience that is enlightening as well as entertaining.

  1. Take the Rural Route on Churchill Island

Especially if you have kids in tow, consider visiting the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Located on a rather picturesque spot, it has some fun activities for the entire family. Consider milking cows, shearing sheep, working dogs or whip cracking.

  1. Watch the Koalas in their Natural Habitat

If you intend to see koalas in their natural habitat, high up in the trees, the Koala Conservation Centre is where you want to go. Visiting this attraction is a great way to get to know these unique creatures a little better. Pick from a variety of walks that allow you to spot koalas along the way. Taking the shorter walks up on the boardwalks is a great way to get a better view of the koalas while you are here.

  1. Seal Watching

Another popular thing to do while you are on Philip Island is to go aboard a seal watching cruise. This will give you a closer look of the Seal Rock, with your boat drifting some mere metres away from thousands of furry seals. If you are lucky, you may also be able to spot a few dolphins while you are out at sea.

Finally, adventure seekers are in for a treat. The Motorcycle Grand Prix Circuit is known to host some internationally famous races and events all year round. If you cannot make it for any of the popular events, you can make the most of the available circuit to cut a lap with an experienced driver. You can also take your own motorcycle for a lap while you here. In addition to this, you can choose from a variety of guided tours with Wildlife Tours Australia, visit the History of Motorsport Museum or ride a go kart on a miniature replica of the circuit.

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