Hunter Valley Chocolates

Chocolates. Drink of the gods! Yes, chocolates are gift of the gods.

The Mayans first created the bitter drink out of the cacao bean from the cacao tree bearing the fruits considered to be gifts from the gods. They originally incorporated the cacao brew in their sacred rituals. The drink was also enjoyed by the royalty and the nobility.

Spices were added to the drink – chilli, vanilla, cinnamon, and eventually sugar. When the Europeans arrived in the Americas and colonised the region they brought the bitter brew to Europe. From then on chocolate has taken many forms and became more popular. Aside from South America, more cacao trees were planted in the European colonies in Southeast Asia (Indonesia and the Philippines) and Africa. And it remains until today.

Australia’s Hunter Valley is, of course, famous for its wines, but also there’s also a proud chocolate factory in this fertile valley amidst vineyards and gourmet farms. Pair a bar of dark chocolate with wine, you get a sensation that’s divine making your Hunter Valley tours uniquely sensational.

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company creates great chocolates with fine qualities – with high cocoa butter content and a glossy finish, crisp, free of cracks, and exhibit many different flavours and aromas. They concocted the perfect chocolates as the gods of the Mayans would have approved of.

Using the finest Belgian couverture, they made a wide range of chocolates, fudges, and other sweet goodies in many different fruit flavours. And they continue to develop new and exciting ways to enjoy the gift of the gods.

This chocolate factory has been founded in the region over a decade ago, and they emerged as one of the popular Hunter Valley tours stops. The quality of their products and the innovations they made earned them a reputation among chocolate aficionados.

They have a range of chocolate products categorised into chilli chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, and white chocolate. There is Chilli Bar and Chilli Bark. And for their dark chocolate – Almond Bark, Dark Belgian Buttons, Dark Block, Dark Block (infused with raspberry and orange), Dark Rocky Road, Ginger Dark, Licorice Dar, Macadamia Dark, Mint Thins Dark, and Orange Peel.

Their milk chocolates are Almond Bark, Choc Honeycomb, Chocolate Rock, Ginger Milk, Honeycomb Bar, Honeycomb Thins, Macadamia Bark, Milk Belgian Buttons, Milk Block, and much more.They also have sugar-free chocolates: Dark Bar, Milk Bar, Almond-Dark, and Almond-Milk. As well as white chocolates – White Belgian Buttons and White Block.

As to the fudge, well, there’s a range of fudges to choose from, and they are made fresh in store.

Explore the Hunter Valley with Wildlife Tours Australia and we bring you to the land of sensational wines and luscious chocolates. Check out our 1-day Hunter Valley Wine, Vodka, and Chocolate Tour which lets you have a unique and sensational Sydney tours experience as you sip, slurp, and sample your way around the Hunter Valley.

Included in this Hunter Valley tours are visits to two wineries known for the quality of their wines and excellent customer satisfaction, Hunter Valley Chocolate Company, Hunter Distillery (for vodka and liqueur), and Matilda Bay Brewhouse (for lunch and a few beers).

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