Hitting the summer beach in Mornington Peninsula

It's summertime. Two lovers walk on a sandy beach adorned with colourful beach boxes built in the 1800s. Not far away are young kids having fun in the sun, building castles in the sand.


People from all walks of life — men and women, old and young some are lying on the sand with books in hand, some playfully dipping in the waters blue and pristine.

It’s summertime. People are coming to the beach erecting outdoor parasols on the shore, some bring their wooden chairs and some just pieces of cloth draped in the sand to lie on. Food and cans of beer in the cooler. When the sun is up, the temperature is high. A can of cold beer or soda quenches the thirst. Better yet take a dip in the cool sea water to freshen up.

It’s summertime. A time to take a holiday from work for a short excursion. A time to have fun with family and friends. A time to hit the beach. On the calm waters, children play, and on the rough surfs, young and old ride on the waves with their surfboards.

It’s summertime. It’s summertime in Mornington Peninsula where people from Melbourne’s inner city and from other parts of Australia congregate along the shorelines of Port Phillip Bay. They’re having fun on the beaches, cooling off in the turquoise waters, basking in the sun from the foreshore beaches of Portsea and Sorrento to the beaches of Frankston.

It’s summertime. Weddings and Christmas parties on the beach, yes, parties are fun. Groups of friends, families, lovers, gather together to have a picnic by the beach. Some folks do their runs, some swim in the waters, and some are playing on the sand. Others play catch and run with their dogs. Children are giggling, playing, and wearing beautiful smiles on their faces.

Such is the summertime atmosphere of Mornington Peninsula’s beaches. After the beach, there is luscious food to munch, enjoy and satisfy the palate. Of course, the wine! And don’t forget the beer, and the cider, and the vodka. Follow the trails to some distilleries, breweries, and wineries. Catch the summer markets, the concerts, and the film festivals.

The festive atmosphere of Mornington Peninsula makes it a must-visit in Victoria. Located very close to Melbourne CBD, you can’t miss it when you’re in the city.

It is the time to pack things up, ask the boss for a holiday leave, call some friends, and hit the road. Don’t forget to bring your camera and your phone. Most of all, be yourself and have fun. It’s summertime in Mornington Peninsula.

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