Fun things to do in the Blue Mountains

Here are some of the fun things to do to make your Blue Mountains tours more exciting. The list ranges from easy to more challenging activities – from a simple sightseeing to a more rugged and a little dangerous canyoning.


Located 50 kilometres west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains remains one of the favourite tourist spots near the New South Wales capital. The region sure has a lot of natural wonders to offer including the impressive landscapes, sandstone formations, canyons and ridges, caves, waterfalls and rivers, eucalyptus forests, and native wildlife. Plus, the blue haze that made the Blue Mountains blue.

Aside from the scenic attractions, Blue Mountains tours enthusiasts can also engage in many different activities. Some activities require a certain level of fitness though.

Here are some fun activities to do in the Blue Mountains:


Tourism is, most of the time, all about sightseeing. Seeing the place, the scenic attraction, anchors tourism; the Blue Mountains has a lot of impressive spots to view. Go sightseeing on a four-wheel drive, on a horseback, or on foot for some nature walks. The spectacular views and panoramic landscapes must be the highlights to your Blue Mountains tours and adventures.


Following the trails amongst bushes is fun; it gives you a chance to get closer to nature. Bushwalks or nature walks is a common activity of travellers in the Blue Mountains. Follow the trails to Katoomba Falls, Wentworth Falls, Leura Cascades, and Govetts Leap. Guided bushwalking services are available, and they are not only entertaining, they’re also informative. Trek the often-treacherous terrains to nature in its rawest and most rugged state.

Rock climbing and abseiling

For younger, stronger folks who are into extreme sports, rock climbing and rappelling are an option to test their mettle in the rugged terrains and steep cliffs of the Blue Mountains. Aussies love to call rappelling abseiling: it is climbing down or descending a cliff or a canyon in a rope.

For rock climbing enthusiasts, the Blue Mountains has plenty of rock climbing spots for beginners and pros. Narrow Neck Plateau, Zig Zag, and Mt Piddington are some of the best places for rock climbing.


Trek the trails, swim in the river, wade in the strong currents, jump into pools, and scramble over rocks and boulders in this extreme adventure of canyoning. The waterfalls and waterways on canyons and ridges provide a perfect venue for a canyoning adventure. Canyoning though requires a high level of physical fitness. Consider this as the ultimate challenge to your Blue Mountains tours.

Cooling off in the natural pool

You can also take a dip in and cool off at the Paradise Pool. And there’s a reason why it is called Paradise Pool by locals. The clean, fresh, and cool waters of the pool are rejuvenating. The natural ambience of the scenery provides you with a calm, relaxing, and serene environment. Feel the loving embrace of mother nature and forget all the cares and stresses of city life.

Have a family picnic

Picnic areas are always available in the scenic spots of the Blue Mountains. The picnic area in Govetts Leap would have you enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Grose Valley as a backdrop. Or you may want to have a picnic at the picnic areas of the beautiful Leura Cascades or in the lakeside of the equally impressive Wentworth Falls Lake.

Fun rides in Scenic World

The Scenic World tourism complex offers satisfying and fun rides with great views of the Blue Mountains.

Try a ride in the world’s steepest funicular railway zigzagging across the rough terrains of Katoomba. Or if you don’t have any fear of heights, take the Scenic Cableway or the Scenic Skyway. The spectacular 360-degree views of the Blue Mountains would make your fun ride worth it. Take the Scenic Skyway to have a great vantage point view of the magnificent Katoomba Falls and the Jamison Valley.

Wildlife Tours Australia designed a Sydney Tours package for you to enjoy the spectacular views of the Blue Mountains where you can do some fun things in the tourist town of Katoomba. You may contact us for any other arrangements you would prefer on your stay in the Blue Mountains.

By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

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