Free scenic attractions on the Blue Mountains

Travelling to a popular scenic attraction is fun but it can also lead you to a tourist trap. But in one of Sydney tours big-ticket destinations, there are still free stuff you can enjoy which makes your Blue Mountains tours experience memorable yet inexpensive. 

Tourism is all about fun. But there are also places where you find yourself caught in a tourist trap. Everything is expensive. And sometimes you would think everyone likes to syphon the money off and the blood out of you. Well, that’s a reality in tourism trade. Do you want a good feeling or a wonderful view? You pay.

Travel to the Blue Mountains National Park, although you still have to pay for some stuff, there are places and things to do that are for free. That’s right. You don’t have to pay fees on your Blue Mountains tours. And it’s more fun.

The Three Sisters in Katoomba

The Three Sisters – Meenhi, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo – want you to view them for free. This unique rock formation doesn’t want anybody to collect money from you. But of course, you have to pay parking fees first — $3.80 for the first hour and then $4.40 per hour after that. Still expensive, mate!

But the charm of the Three Sisters and spectacular views on Echo Point are for your eyes to feast on without taking out a dollar from your pocket. Millions of tourists come to see the iconic Three Sisters every year. So, the profits of some enterprising folks must have come from somewhere else.

Govetts Leap in Blackheath

One of the most impressive waterfalls on the Blue Mountains, Govetts Leap provides you with a wonderful accent to the spectacular landscape of the Grose Valley. And yes, the views are for free. Walking down the track leading to the outlook is also for free. Govetts Leap is always accessible.

This Blue Mountains tours attraction is free. But you may have to pay the parking fees though. And if you want to buy some souvenirs in the town of Blackheath, you must open up your purse for some cash.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Mount Tomah

Focusing on the conservation of cool climate plants, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden offers you some great views to feast on and it showcases over 900 species of plants including the endemic ones. You can have a family picnic with the botanical garden as a backdrop without paying a single cent. You don’t have to pay for entry fees. And yes, guided Blue Mountains tours within the botanical garden are also for free. The guides are volunteers and they have great programs and workshops for families and children.

The National Pass to Wentworth Falls

Track the trail that Charles Darwin used to walk on to Wentworth Falls. And yes, the National Pass connecting to Charles Darwin Walk for you to have a wonderful view of Wentworth Falls is for free. No entry fees collected. You can save some dollars for a few bottles beer later in the night to give a bubbly accent to your Blue Mountains tours experience.

Leura Cascades

I would not advise you to visit Leura Mall because it is guaranteed you won’t save money. Visit instead Leura Cascades and have a calm and relaxing family picnic. From there you can follow the trails to other waterfalls nearby — Bridal Veil, Linda, Lila, and Leura Falls. Leura Cascades is easily accessible by car since its located along Leura’s Cliff Drive. Yes, it’s also free.

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