Exploring the picturesque Port Stephens

Plan out your Sydney tours to the picturesque Port Stephens known for its blue waters and rich marine life. Explore Port Stephens -- its beautiful beaches and many aquatic activities, and make your trip memorable.  


A natural harbour with impressive beaches and abundant marine life, Port Stephens is a beach paradise of New South Wales, and a famous Sydney tours destination. Only two hours of drive (160 kilometres) away from Sydney, its 113-kilometre stretch of shoreline is dotted with pristine sandy beaches. The turquoise waters offer not only a cool and relaxing sensation but also invite you to have fun with many aquatic activities.

Facing the South Pacific Ocean, Port Stephens is a sanctuary of a rich marine biodiversity. Its marine ecology hosts a number of endemic and endangered marine species. The upper part of the port, where the freshwater and seawater meet, is a protected estuarine ecology.

At Port Stephens, you can do a lot of things from horse riding and tobogganing on the dunes to swimming in the blue waters and scuba diving. It makes your Sydney tours to the region more fun and exciting.

There are many impressive spots to do scuba diving. The shark colony near Broughton Island would be a great place for adventurous and experienced divers. For first timers and inexperienced divers, Let’s Go Adventures can help you with scuba diving and snorkelling lessons.

You can go snorkelling and enjoy the views of the underwater at Fly Point. Beginner divers and snorkelers will surely have a rewarding day underwater. Peeping into the world of marine life underwater lets you long to explore more about the complexity and beauty of corals and many different fish species.

Tag your family and friends along for a picnic on the white sandy beach of Nelson Bay. And then cool off in the fresh, clean, and unspoilt seawater. You can also fish in the waters of Nelson Bay or go onboard Moonshadow-TQC Cruises to watch some bottlenose dolphins.

There are also good vantage points such as Crest Birubi Beach to view the migrating whales between the months of May and November.

Fingal Bay’s sandy beaches are patrolled and are popular with families. You can also have a chance to spot some whales on Fingal Head. When the weather is good you can do parasailing or try your hand at surfboards and water skis.

Hire a paddle boat at Shoal Bay or go fishing. You sure will be rewarded with a catch. Enjoy your water world experience with surf skis, canoes, sailboards, and water scooters.

Watch some birds, wild animals, and native plants on Tomaree Head. Or you can simply hit the sandy beach at the base of Tomaree Head on the east and take a deep in its shallows. Or cross the sandbar at Fingal Spit and take a walk to Point Stephens. Climb up the Port Stephens Lighthouse to have amazing views of the South Pacific Ocean.

There’s a 34-kilometre stretch of sand dunes that rise up to 30 metres high at Stockton Beach. You may want to travel from one end of the sand dunes to the other end on horseback, camel, or four-wheel drive. You can also do biking in the dunes, but be careful not to disturb the little terns, they’re one of Australia’s most endangered bird species. Of course, the views of the ocean are more than rewarding.

If you happened to be in the New South Wales capital, then time to explore Port Stephens as your next Sydney tours stop. The experience is guaranteed to be a memorable one.


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.

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