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Travellers Comments

We would just like to tell you how much we enjoyed our Wildlife Tour of the Great Ocean Road with Rohan. 

He really went the extra mile for us and it was absolutely great. We had a wonderful day – great company and really lovely scenery.
Dave & Jenny, South Africa


We had a really great time on our tour of the Great Ocean Road. Thanks so much. Bill was a great tour guide.
Ayesha, NSW


The tour was simply remarkable and so was the bus driver. Thanks for everything.
Linhong, Singapore


The whole tour was fantastic. For us a day never to be forgotten.
Scott & Kathy, Canada


I didn’t realise or expect to see so many beautiful and spectacular sights in one tour. Just stunning! 

This is definitely the best trip I have done to date.
Rose, UK


Can’t say enough about the trip. You went out of your way to point out many interesting things. Thank you again.
Geri & Craig, Canada


I recently took a wonderful tour along the Great Ocean Road. The tour guide was very informative and helpful and made us feel very special during the day. Nicole, whom I spoke to on the phone, was also very courteous and friendly.
Erica, China

The tour guide gave good explanations of the sights at the Great Ocean Road in matching background music like the London Bridge song on the way to the London Bridge! Keep it up! I will definitely take this tour again!
Female, 30, Philippines

Very good 1 Day Tour to the Great Ocean Road. Professional driver & tour guide! I enjoyed the tour so much!
Female, 28, China

Excellent Tour! Seen loads of great and interesting wildlife. BBQ was tasty and very enjoyable. Overall the 3 Day Tour to the Great Ocean Road and Grampians made an excellent use of the time with lots of things to see and do – great value for money!
Female, 22, Scotland

The Great Ocean Road Tour was a brilliant experience! It’s unforgettable! Thank you so much!
Female, 28, Japan

A really good tour to the Great Ocean Road, very well organised, very good price, just perfect!
Female, 19, Italy

Wildlife Tours’ Great Ocean Road Tour was the most memorable trip I did in Australia so far!
Male, 28, India

A long drive well broken up by stops at scenic Great Ocean Road vistas.
An excellent way to see the country and get a feel for its vast size.
I LOVED the interactions with birds, kangaroos and koalas! I had a great time, thanks!
Female, 45, UK

Let me tell you something about my last tour experience. Where should I begin? My head is full of things I want to tell you. Let’s start with which tour I did, that was the 2 Day Great Ocean Road & Grampians National Park tour. Why this tour? I don’t think my choice for the Great Ocean Road needs an explanation, everyone heard of it, and I can tell you, those stories are all true! But the Grampians is another story. Before I got here, I had never heard of the Grampians before. Maybe a little, but people are always talking about the Great Ocean Road, but if you drive a little further, you’ll be at an amazing national park: ‘The Grampians’. The pictures of the Grampians convinced me of doing this tour and the fact that we would climb a mountain that should promise us a breathtaking view at the top. Well, I can tell you now, it’s absolutely worth it!


Let’s start at the beginning of my trip. My pick up point was the hostel where I was staying. Just as promised, they picked me up at 7:10 am. After a few pick up points, and a bus full of exciting tourists, we made our way to the Great Ocean Road.

Our first stop was at Bells Beach, an amazing spot. And lucky me, there were some surfers showing their skills. After a morning tea and a cookie that the tour guide brought with him, we drove further to the Historic Memorial Arch, an arch that says ‘Great Ocean Road’, so we took some pictures as evidence that I really did the Great Ocean Road. And there we go, GOR here we come!


The road is so awesome; we stopped at a few spots to take some pictures of the spectacular view. After this amazing road along the coast we stopped at Kennet River, where we saw some wild Koalas. But what I liked even more were the parrots that came to you and eat out of your hand. After a free lunch in Apollo Bay, we made our way to the rainforest. Never thought there was a rainforest in this part of Australia. But it was so cool, walking in the bush, like you’re in a whole other part of Australia. After we had taken a breath of fresh air, we drove to the famous Twelve Apostles (well, actually the 8 Apostles, but that besides). I’ve never seen something like that, just stacks apart from each other, it’s amazing, I definitely understand why they’re so famous, the view is just awesome. After seeing the Twelve Apostles we went to the place I loved the most, Loch and Gorge. It’s absolutely stunning. Loch and Gorge are two unconnected rock pillars, which give access to the ocean. Stairs allowed us to go to the beach, and it’s just breathtaking when you’re there. The last stop was at the London Bridge, and after visiting this beautiful spot we drove to the Grampians. The whole day I hadn’t seen any kangaroos, so I was delighted when we spotted them on our way to Ned’s Beds. At Ned’s Beds you have some spare time. We made a campfire, and after singing some songs and a lot of laughing we went to bed and woke up early the next morning.


What’s on the program for this day? We started with spotting kangaroos, and I was surprised about how close we could get to the kangaroos. While passing these kangaroos, we walked to the Clematis waterfall, which was beautiful. Despite the rain, we climbed the mountain with much pleasure. Once you’re on the top, you feel like you’re on top of the world! The view you’ll get there is unforgettable. After this invincible feeling you’ll get when you climbed that mountain up and down, we stopped at some places to learn something from the history and culture of the aboriginals. One of the things we visited was Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre and I can assure you it’s really interesting. I love the sound of a didgeridoo, so I was really happy when someone played it. There was a demonstration of a didgeridoo as well, but we hadn’t got the time to visit it.

The way through the Grampians is already an experience itself, because it’s a gorgeous park. A few stops later we were at Bunjil’s Cave, which is home of the almighty creator of the Grampians, really beautiful. You’ll get an amazing view and see some original paintings in a rock. Last but not least we visited an old winery. At this winery you’ll get the opportunity to taste some really nice wines.

Unfortunately this was the last stop of the tour. What makes this tour so special for me? You’ll see all the highlights of the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. The tour guide knew a lot about all the highlights, and I think I can talk much longer about my experience and the fun we’ve had. So if I have to describe this tour in one word ‘AWESOME’! Something I’ll never forget!

Female, 19, The Netherlands

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