The Cockatoos of the Great Ocean Road

Travel to the Great Ocean Road and you will be amazed by the sheer number of the variety of birdlife the Great Otway National Park hosted.

Home to hundreds of varieties of bird species many of them endemic to Australia, the Otways serves as the heavenly paradise to bird watchers and bird lovers. Swans, ducks, grebes, cormorants, pelicans, herons, egrets, sandpipers, eagles, hawks, gulls, turtle doves, cuckoos, falcons, kookaburras, parrots, honeyeaters, robins, ravens, firetails, you name it.

Cockatoos, a variety of the parrot species, are a common sight in the Otways. You can easily recognize them by their crests and curved bills. Also, they’re a little bigger compared to the common parrots.

When you visit the beautiful seaside town of Lorne on our great ocean road tour, a popular Great Ocean Road destination, flocks of wild but friendly cockatoos will meet you. Yellow-tailed black, sulfur-crested white, yellow-crested white, and gang-gang cockatoos. Yes, and some more because there are 21 cockatoo species in the world. They can be found mostly in Australia and the islands around Oceania.

With less colorful feathers compared to other varieties of parrots, cockatoos wear mostly white, gray, or black plumage. The crest, cheeks, and tail may have some shades of color. They fill their lack of color with loveliness and friendliness. Although they are wild and they live in the wild, they are friendly you can take selfies with them. They will even visit you in your hotel when you stay in Lorne.

And you can hand feed these cute avians. They feed on seeds, tubers, corns, fruit, flowers, and insects. They love eating nuts cracking the shell with their beaks. You can give them biscuits too.

With a simple color combination of their plumage, cockatoos are a beauty to behold. Not only they are lovely, these intelligent parrots are also faithful to their partners. Cockatoos are monogamous lovebirds. They build their nests in tree hollows.

The wildlife and birdlife of the Otways are simply fascinating. If you happened to be in Melbourne, then get the chance to tour the Great Ocean Road. Make sure to have a stop in Lorne so you will get up close and personal with the lovely wild sulfur-crested and yellow-crested white cockatoos. You can also spot some noisy gang-gang, galah, and yellow-tailed black cockatoos.

Get ready to see, touch, and feed the lovely cockatoos of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road.

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