Coastal Views and Beaches on the Great Ocean Road

Travellers, especially road trip enthusiasts consider the Great Ocean Road as one of the best drives in the world. By taking out a few days from your trip to and around Victoria, it is possible to explore the length of this exquisite ocean-hugging stretch. Offering some of the most picturesque coastal views in the world, the 244 kilometre drive is a sheer pleasure for travellers.

Exploring the Great Ocean Road

This exquisite trip starts at Angelsea and ends in the west at Warnambool. While you may not pass by any popular cities, you will be blessed with unparalleled open spaces, stunning views, a gorgeous country side, beaches and coastal views like nowhere else.

Here are some of the best beaches and coastal views you will spot during your drive along the Great Ocean Road –

  • Bells Beach

Famous around the world for its extremely big swells, this beach is a hotspot for surfing competitions. Bells Beach in Torquay is ideal for your first pit-stop along this coast. Spend some time polishing your surfing skills, go sky diving, snorkelling or simply lay on the beach or take a stroll along the coast.

  • The Split Point Lighthouse

The Split Point Lighthouse is an iconic spot to visit on this road trip. This stop is a great place to enjoy coastal views while also delving into the history of this region. Head on top of the lighthouse through a guided tour for some great photo-ops.

  • Apollo Bay

At this point of your trip, you want to sit back a relax a little from your dive. Apollo Bay offers just the opportunity for you to let your hair down. In addition to some great surfing, you will be able to explore the foothills of the Otway Ranges from here. Take off on foot and you will also chance upon some eateries and beachfront bars where you can knock back some drinks.

  • The Twelve Apostles

No trip to the Great Ocean Road is complete without a pit-stop at the iconic Twelve Apostles. Located off the Shore of Port Campbell national Park, the collection of towering limestone stacks is among the most picturesque views you will experience during your drive down this road. Unfortunately, only eight of the twelve apostles have been able to survive the wrath of the ocean.

  • The London Bridge

The second biggest attraction on the Great Ocean Road is this exquisite stone arch that was once known as the London Bridge. Back in the days, there used to be double arches, creating a natural walkway of stone that was connected to the land. The ocean took claim of the bridge leaving the rest of the structure to stand along out in the water.

In addition to this, great coastal views and beaches along this strip include the Loch Ard Gorge, The Grotto and the Bay of Islands; each one more beautiful than the other, making for a memorable road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

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