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What animal wears a tuxedo daily to work? It’s a penguin! Of course, the penguins are such fun fellows. And hardworking, too. They work from dawn until dusk.   The penguins of Phillip Island, Little Penguins they are called because of their diminutive size, would p read more

How does a seal drink his whiskey? On the rocks! Well, the fur seals on Seal Rocks… they rock!     Having two large eyes on a furry face with whiskers on a pointed snout, a fur seal is covered with two layers of brown fur. Its broad head is adorned with t read more

With unending coastlines, villages across the shores, exquisite wildlife and international level adventure sporting activities, a trip to Phillip Island has a lot to offer to the quintessential traveller. Here are a few sights and attractions one cannot afford to miss d read more