A Blue Mountains Sunset

A deluge of clouds burning on top of Mount Solitary leaving dark and white smoke in the sky. It was fiery; it was dark. It was colourful; there was a display of nature’s strength. Bluish, reddish, yellowish, pinkish, and orangey fire-like colours covered the Blue Mountains.

It was not the end of the world; it was no apocalypse but just another Australian highland sunset that accents your Blue Mountains tours experience. Colourful and spectacular, yet a so common a view on Echo Point, a lookout perching on the edge of an escarpment near the tourist town of Katoomba.

On the left, there stood the glittering Three Sisters, the town’s iconic landmark. It is a three-pillar sandstone formation that nature carved for millions of years. As the sunlight hit the rock pillars’ surface, it reflected a glimmering golden accent against a darker backdrop.

The Three Sisters is also shrouded in mysteries through the many myths and legends of its origins as told by the locals.

On the left of centre stood the fiery Mount Solitary in its solitude, surrounded by and covered with forests of eucalypts and gums. And farther on the right was the Narrow Neck Plateau basking in the colours of the setting sun.

All around was the blue colours created by the Rayleigh scattering, or the spread of tiny particles made heavy by the natural, organic oils emitted by the forests of gums and eucalypts in the atmosphere. The result is a magical sapphire blue hue of the Blue Mountains surrounds.

Due to its proximity to the New South Wales capital, the Blue Mountains emerged as one of Sydney’s most visited tourist spots. A big-ticket destination at that. The Blue Mountains sits 50 kilometres west of the metropolis making it a favourite Sydney tours stop.

The colour and texture of the Blue Mountains sunset vary each day depending on the season. During winter, the hues are softer with pinkish accents because of low temperature. Spring breathes a vigorous ambience and summer would display roughness and strength. Autumn brings out the natural charm of the Blue Mountains highlighted by the colourful vegetation and the falling leaves.

Wildlife Tours Australia, part of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group Pty, operates Sydney tours and travels to New South Wales’ big-ticket destinations including Blue Mountains tours.

In our 1-Day Blue Mountains & Three Sisters Sunset Tour, we let you avoid the Sydney traffic and the crowd of tourists in Katoomba.

Having plenty of time to spend in the city’s laneways in the morning, we depart for the Blue Mountains around lunchtime reaching the destination just in time for the sunset.

This trip allows you to capture the subtle range of colours on display, letting you experience the magic and the charm of the azure mountains in the golden hours before sundown. Included in this Blue Mountains tour is a visit to the impressive waterfalls of Katoomba Falls, Wentworth Falls, or the Paradise Pools.

Enjoy the views of the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, Narrow Neck Plateau, and the Jamison Valley below. There’s also a guided bushwalk following the scenic trails, and always be on a lookout for the native Australian wildlife.

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