A highland sunset escape

Experience a Blue Mountains sunset that provides your tour to the famed Australian highlands colourful accent and depth.

The idea of a tour

Sometimes, the idea of a tour prevents us from having a real experience of the place – see the colour, feel the vibrancy, and understand the culture. A crowded tourist spot not only eliminates the silence but also blocks the senses to have a deeper appreciation of nature’s evocative beauty.

For a visit to be meaningful, one must see the place not only because other people do, but because it opens a whole new dimension to explore and imagine.

Visiting the Blue Mountains, for example, has become a popular tourist activity in New South Wales, and the deluge of tourists could hinder one’s senses to feel the magic and charm of the place.

It would then be a good idea to go to the region when there are fewer people around so one could have more time meditating on the impressive mountain views and the picturesque natural scenery.

Blue Mountains sunset

As the sun sets and hides its face behind the rugged mountainous terrain at nightfall, the Blue Mountains radiates its deeper colours, colours that are fiery yet soft. It’s a combination of hues – bluish, orangey, yellowish, purplish, reddish – that makes Blue Mountains highland sunset unique.

Seeing the Three Sisters, Katoomba’s iconic landmark, with the colourful sunset at the backdrop, and fewer people in the area, let’s you meditate on the place. It gives you more time to reflect on life in nature or anything that makes your visit worthwhile.

When the place is not crowded with tourists, you can have a deeper appreciation and a more reflective way of seeing and enjoying its beauty while standing on the edge of an escarpment. The views of Jamison Valley, Mount Solitary, the Ruined Castle, and the Narrow Neck Plateau are a bonus to the experience.

There sure are tales the Aboriginal people, the Gundungurra and Darug tribes, passed from hundreds of generations still extant today. They’re original inhabitants of the Blue Mountains, and they have lived in the region for thousands of years. Perhaps, the mountains tell a story that’s more ancient, a story that lets you seek the connection between human life and nature.

A trip with Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours Australia has designed a tour that’s not just a tour. It is a trip that lets you experience a highland sunset, avoiding the crowds and the peak hour traffic of the New South Wales metropolis.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Sydney past the rush hour, the travel is a smooth drive to the west, to the Blue Mountains, which sits just 50 kilometres away from the city.

It’s a one-day Blue Mountains Sunset Tour where you have more time to enjoy the silence of the mountains with the wonderful views and colourful sunset being the highlights of the trip.

The best thing aside from avoiding the city’s traffic, only a few people on board and fewer people on the viewing platform at Echo Point.

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