Koalas are Australian native animals known for their herbivorous nature. They are usually seen on Eucalyptus trees which is their natural habitat. Koalas sleep for up to 22 hours in a day because they need a lot of energy to digest the gum leaves they feed on.

The name Koala is an ancient Aboriginal word which means “no drink”. You may wonder why they have chosen such a name! Since the Koalas are hydrated from eucalyptus leaves, they hardly drink water.

Where can you find Koalas?

Koalas can be found in Australian bushes but the largest colony of these animals are in the Otway coastal towns. The Kennett River which is located between the towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay is a great place to spot Koalas on the Great Ocean Road. This area attracts both local and international visitors and it is popular for camping and motor homes.

Why are there many Koalas in Kennett River?

Koalas being endangered species need trees to survive. In the Kennett River, there are many trees that provide shelter for these wonderful animals. And anywhere you find many Eucalyptus trees in Australia you are sure to find Koalas.

How to get to Kennett River:

Kennett River is located 174 km west of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road. It is a stopover for many tour operators in Melbourne including Wildlife Tours Australia. The main reason why buses stop at this place is to spot Australian wildlife. The tour packages we have that includes Kennett River stopovers are all the one and two day Great Ocean Road Tours and Melbourne to Adelaide Trips.